Admit One

Ok so it was a little revealing to actually write my bio page for this blog and not create a *persona* behind the screen.  So much of my other online geekdom is spent being someone else that really fessing-up to what I want to do here and for myself took a little butt puckering self realization. In all my blogs online personalities and webwork, I get to pretend for practical purposes. I supposed everyone does its why the internet has made us disposable people. I wont go into that rant now its wasted on those devoted to cyber sex and hookups and well ok Myspace (which you know I am equally addicted to).  Its just nice to be Me again, for real in some real form.

This is a post I did on MySpace regarding this weekend and its going to be my opener for today.

Inevitably as fate would have it – in the middle of *woowoo* with my fantastic partner Saturday evening, we discovered an unusual lump in my left breast. Thank gawd for his magick hands and awareness of my breast structure, I guess he really has paid attention all these years while handling them. Well it wasn’t the *pee* shaped nodule we as girls are *taught* to know in sex-ed in high school. This was hard tender very uncomfortable and every time I think about it I shudder. It really hurt. This is nothing new. My breasts have always been super sensitive, especially around the time of my cycle.

Sunday I managed to survive my brain deluge of worst case scenarios and even with held from the tear-fest I could feel right under the surface. I have no history of breast cancer in my immediately lineage and few cases in the actual tree, however there is cancer in my family. Its something I will absolutely have to be conscious of later in life.
I went to see good ol DocWest as fast as my feet would carry me. After a good feel up and a little jumping out of my skin, due to the tenderness present, we discussed the dreaded M word. His biggest response was honestly this is more than likely
Fibrocystic Breast Disease 
Or more to the point Fibrocystic Breast Changes
The schedule pressing of my beautiful mams has not yet been set. It will be with in the next few days. I encourage everyone to read the two articles above for yourself and your loved ones.
Something really cute – TitBits
Its a really great site for faux bewbs for ladies that have had to go through the difficult and painful process of tumor removal and surgery. This young lady who is a cancer survivor makes soft pretty boobies for others going through this process.

I actually thought it would be a nice little gift – for all my girlfriends next Oct to remind them to get their breast exams and     for those who do – get their mamograms. Not only that but its a super adorable desk weight and pink ribbon supporter icon!!!


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