Dust Bunnies in the Basement

When I face struggles, I clean.
I suppose its a mental mind cleansing for all the other happy times when I am busy and just stash. You can always tell when my life or feelings have hit a pitch because I start digging through boxes, scrubbing corners with a toothbrush and start washing weird things like fabric purses I have not used in years.
Well ok and the odor of cat pee-pee annoys me. Why.. do they have to be so cute yet wet on everything !!!!

So I am browsing all these great new sites. Planning my next big adventure. Will I be creative enough to actually sell something perhaps at a fair or bizarre? Would be great if I could leave the techno geek at the office and go back to days of actually controlling my schedule destiny and happiness…. (sigh haha)
Back to our regularily scheduled dust bunnies – I have found hidden stash after hidden stash of yarn in the basement. Most of it one or two skeins. Not really big enough for anything but a small this or that. I guess I am just delighted to find it. Sometimes there is Hope in Memories.
I have struggled with a bad situation since last year.  My best friend Napoleon as we will name her – understands. She knows it from her history as well. Its so hard to explain to anyone and yet I just want to talk talk talk talk until I am exhausted from talking and actually feel better. Does that solve it, does it make it better? No but it helps my head and heart understand each other a little better.
Is this how you solve a life crisis or terms of emotion?
Talk until your exhausted and let the healing take over?
I read a book a few years back called something like Rent. It was by a “Berg”.. something or other. In it a woman is faced suddenly with a divorce she never saw coming. Really never saw coming and her marriage was how she defined herself. At one point she actually calls Martha Stewart to get advice.
Its hilarious and a wonderful book and I always refer back to it mentally because I know I see things coming and still when hit – I feel like I didnt even know.

So I will start planning things for my dust bunnies. Something beautiful cozy and something that will help my heart.


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