yarn score!!

I was reading craigslist – as I usually do and found someone offloading boxes of yarn!

I am so excited I go tonight to pick it up. I am not sure whats in there for certain, as its really a hodge podge of collected stash from years of crafting. I am hoping that most will be nice enough to turn into some chemo-caps or lap-ghans for local charities here in the immediate area. I am going to do some posting on Craigs – FreeCycle and other yahoo groups and see if there is anyone seeking to donate more yarn for lap-ghans. I scored a copy of book #555 from ebay this week! I have seen on various other sites neat projects to complete in addition to making a quilt. Lap-ghans can easily be converted from this pattern as well as cozy pillows. While I build my stitch technique projects like these are really great for learning fingers ! I even somewhat like the rose cream and sage colors. But we all know me. I am really a vibrant color kinda girl. With this new yarn stash it should be interesting to see what I get for color variations.

My biggest issue to date – I suck at turning. I dont know why – but I really am just horrible at it. Everyones directions are a little different where they want you to slip your hook under. Some say the V’s other say the back loop, most are like not clear at all. Its troubling when I can master all the other stitches – yarn overs – rounds – even filet. Its just that first initial turn off the (CH) that gets me.

Look a crochet term ehehehh @!!! YAY!~


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