Crochet Classes and other finery

I have started the online basic crochet classes over at CraftyDaisies.  I am really excited. I have basic knowledge but am really looking forward to getting a leg up on my skill set and really learn the right way to do this.

I am in the process of working on so many projects and actually was able to get Pixie interested last night in picking up some needles. The needles in question were actually one  of those knitty noddies. I had one when I was little. This I guess from what I can tell makes hats and socks? Going to have to investigate it further but its causing her great delight at night and keeping her off the computer.

Ok minor diversion – Knitty Loom Circle Knit or Knifty Knitter is what they are called. I can make slippers on here ! Er – uhm Pixie can make slippers (snicker) I think we all know who is going to be smacking the lowdown on this loom.


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