Winding made easy

I have been working on my spindle and part of the process is plying after you create your first threads. Because I dont have a wheel – I was looking for instructions on how to ply via the spindle – found them easy peesy no problem. But this brought up one issue – how to ball up the final product off the spindle.

Knitting aside – hand wind a pull skein
this is a link for those who were not aware to the original article. Blog Designs dont always show link backs clearly 🙂 Please hover your mouse to see the site snapshot! Its a cool little tool !

how to hand wind a pull skein

Hold a generous end of the yarn between two pencils and begin wrapping.

To the non-knitting audience: some yarn is sold pre-wound into a skein that dispenses from the center, corralling the unused portion into a tidy ball. Other yarn comes in hanks or coils and needs to be wound into a ball before use. We don’t want a simple ball because as the yarn unwraps while knitting, the ball tends to spinning away from the knitter (onto the sofa, floor, into the proverbial kitten’s mittens). For about $100, you can buy an apparatus to wind center-pull skeins, but I don’t knit enough to warrant the purchase. So I came up with this easy way to wind a pull-skein by hand. Which I present to the knitting blogosphere with gratitude for the generous sharing of experience found therein. Photographed in my cardboard studio box with the two flash set-up.

how to hand wind a pull skein

Wind yarn along the length of the pencils. Don’t worry about criss-crossing it yet.

how to hand wind a pull skein

Once the height of the ball-in-winding is established, start winding with an up-and-down motion to reinforce the structure of the ball.


how to hand wind a pull skein

The pencils make a convenient handle for rapid hand-winding so I leave them in place until the entire skein is wound.


how to hand wind a pull skein



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