Crochetoholic’s Swap Required Q&A : )

Get your saucy minds out of the gutter! I have been watching the C’ville forums for some time and also swap-bot livejournal and others for all these new swap/penpal exchanges. I have decided to not be shy and try one. Part of what is involved is telling a little bit more about yourself so you can get to know your pals and they you.
Debb’s Swap has some basic questions to get started.
My favorite colors rockstar pink and red always !

My hobbies I thrift and vintage shop – love all things old and retro. I am enjoying fiber arts and would love to have a spinning wheel one day, to complete my thread addiction in this woolen circle of life! I bellydance for fun and excercise (some would simply suggest I am having a spaz on my living room floor), and love music.

My kitchen theme and colors My kitchen is white – white – white. Its all cabinets. But I do have a lovely bar that opens to the living room. I have included a pictures : )

My bathroom theme and colors Very tropical – hybiscus. Pink purple and black

My dislikes

My crafts..what I like I love crochet – sewing – making clothes – beading and spindle spinning (which I still totally suck at).

My allergies mushrooms- clams/oysters – bee stings

My favorite pets Wolfe my black lab and all 7 of my cats – Chip – my mothers boston terrier who is living with us for awhile right now is my love and constant source of entertainment.

My favorite scents… Patchouli – Vanilla – Cinnamon

Other stuff about me… I am just picking up crochet again. As detailed in my about me page, I had a very bad injury that put me in bed for a few weeks. I picked up the needles to keep myself sane and offer peace. I have recently moved to a new state, trying to meet people and make new friends. Its been a really rough year and my soul is hungry for happy exchanges and crafty vibrant folk. I am a single mom and love to share artistic expression with my Tween. I am a bit of an earth mama – punker – free thinking – dress radically – office lacky by day – Wyld Womyn by night – type of person.


3 Responses

  1. oh my its Crochetoholic Debb from your doggie is ssoooo cute…

  2. Come visit my blog… …glad to have you swapping with us…

  3. Good stuff!

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