Fall Into Autumn registration is open today!

Details can be found on Anne and Sharons site.
It began this morning I believe at like 9am. While I didnt win the lottery last night – this feels like a special lottery all of its own. I have been way to shy to join any swaps. This one I think is a good start to introduce me. I even picked out some special patterns last night for my possible swap friend. I stayed up way to late practicing grannies. Some look ok, some dont…(haha).

I am working all weekend (ug) and was glad to do so even though in my head there is minor complaint. The gas got shut off on thursday, somewhere I am beginning to wonder whats next. Before you feel bad I have no hot water – let me assure you its hot enough to enjoy a cold showed for a couple of days. While its mildly somewhat of an embarrassment, I actually am pretty not ashamed of the fact my expenses are tremendous. I am a reasonable gal and budget very well. I have a family member that is not working who I am taking care of in addition to my child and all together – things are ok.
Everything I do daily is to make sure there are lights and food on the table.  This family member is going to have to go get a job though. Financially this has to end this month especially with the holidays coming up.  It has been a year now and she hasnt. I understand better than anyone about being in a new city and being scared to try something new. But you know walmart is always hiring. Thats something, something that alot of people in this world would be greatful to have.


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