I took a quiz…lol

Saw it on Angela A’s blog. Shes in my Autumn group for swapping. I have to remember to go back and say hi to her and all my other swap pals. This was so funny though! The one thing as a child I HATED wearing was mohair. We had a pluthera of the stuff and always had sweaters made out of it. I will never forget the pink monstrosity my mother made me wear circa 1976. Oh.. god did I hate that thing! I will absolutely have to find photos now and post them.


  What kind of yarn are you?  

You are Mohair.You are a warm and fuzzy type who works well with others, doing your share without being too weighty. You can be stubborn and absolutely refuse to change your position once it is set, but that’s okay since you are good at covering up your mistakes.
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