I have been down a few days.
I need to recoup regain and reorganized my personal life as well as professional one. The 12 th rang in early with corporate downsizing. I was so worried about everyone not having jobs. It was me that should have been worried. Yes I have now experienced corporate take over and downsizing. I have been downsized…. it almost sounds foreign fake and a tad queer to my ear.

Its the best dayum thing that I personally think that has ever happened to me (sqeee)

(had to edit this part – as I ran off at the mouth slightly to one person involved.. I will  hold off on that for right now until I organize my revenge – giggle)

So why is it the best thing that has happened.. Well I was miserable for awhile at my job. The lying, the stagnent movements. I made great friends that will continue to be friends but I need to move on! I am in debate with myself to return to work or to go back to school and do what i want to do for real. Be creative Be artistic and be in control of my future.  In this corporate world of today there is no security unless we create it and set it ourselves.

That aside – I have slept in – had waffles for breakfast – talked to friends and associates who are on the lookout for leads (they are very cool people) and actually started working on all my gifts for my secret friends.
I got an email the other day from my secret pal and I am excited to learn more about them.
Michael’s is having a Bernat Sugar-n-Cream clearance. I picked up buckets of the stuff today. 50. – $1.00 each. Each ball makes a dishcloth – so those participating in the Autumn Swap check out your local Michael’s craft store and see if they have any on sale!

I also started knitting.. yes really. I am just doing practice stitches to get my Purl On. My hands do not seem to want to do it right… dont know why. Need to catch some more episodes of Knitty Gritty and get those darn things down. The hosts always cast on with this long tail method that looks way cool. I ended up in knots.. lmao


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