Tackling Tunisian

Maybe its the out of work effect – I have a tendency to over shop.

I was in HobbyLobby looking for some sweet little goodies for my swap pals – and happened on a 50% off sale. I have posted it on CrochetVille and a few other places. I hope the word gets out as there are only a few days left. The biggest score was the 50% off needles and supplies. I found those beautiful Tunisian hooks I have been wanting for so long. I got three in the most common sizes – H I G .

These have been my favorite sizes really to work with lately. G in particular. I used to really love H and still hold him a secret lover : ) but G really floats my boat right now.

Cruising some really great sites in the constant search for my perfect spinning wheel I came across a history of the Ashford family and what they really did for not only wheels but Kit Sets in the world of retail. You can read about it in this Ashford article – scroll down to the bottom of the page for the story.

Halloween – Silly you say? Oh no.. I think its brilliant and I will be wearing it !

In fact I think everyone in my household will have to be doing this zaney mask ! If you click the picture you will be taken to Crochet Me’s blog and patter instructions.  Some great stuff on there.

I have completed 3 dishcloths as practice round for the Autumn Swap and have mastered a consistant single crochet (SC). While this may not seem huge to many – its enormous to me and my lust for understanding the dynamics of what makes a good clean stitch.

Talking to my swapping buddy in the other Swap I am doing I was expressing how confusing knitting is to me still and this little mastering moment of that crochet fundamental felt like a lifetime of validation.

On to the rest of my day!


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