Before the Fall

Little Lady

Well its official – the creepy crawlies and ghouls are starting to appear. As I cleaned my house the other day in prep for my uber organized *new life* focus, I found all the decorations.
Things that migrated from Florida but never made it up last year because I was broken. Pumpkins lights blood ghouls ghosties and the such. It was thrilling to discover box after box of orange and black deliciousness.
I stepped outside to take a break and looked to my left. In between two trees in the area that separates my neighbors house and mine was several webs. As the sunlight changed I could see them clearly and my mom pointed out there was more than one directly on the same tree and each had its own little spinner going to town.
Sure enough moving closer (which is very brave for me as most of you know I am super terrified of spiders on so many neurotic levels) I could see how very beautiful the webs and girls were going at it.
Of course this meant photo ops!
My Flickr – has some of the better pics.

Autumn has now officially begun here in the States!! What is your favorite thing about Autumn/Fall? Why?

I love the change in the weather. Its simple and its not big just yet, as it takes time to really cool down here in Georgia. Already though I can feel the humidity leaving, the wind and breezes picking up and the trees changing. Trees beckon the fall changes. At night they talk a little more and rush against the wind. There is almost a collective sigh in the woods that you can smell hear and see. I love that feeling. I can open the windows and smell the woods. I can listen at night to more critters around because its not so terribly hot for them. The anticipation of being able to make sweaters this year is kicking in for me!


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