Waiting for the *Fall* …

TGIF -News of the Day

Its official – I am no longer employeed. My last check came today from my former company. Funny enough so did a packet that was supposed to be my final papers ( I am guessing) but contained documents for another person, including a page that had various benefits details and SSN#s on it. Uhmm.. ok seriously funny. Not in a HAHA kinda way but in a omg – you are kidding me right?
Take your eyes – roll them all the way into the back of your head and insert a sarcastic southern drawl here – be synical – slightly whiney – and say
“Channel Advisor is really on the ball…”
Yes.. mailed me socials of the people I used to work with. I am sure they are really going to appreciate that once I let them know.

Wheeling and dealing – I sent an email to my Wheel Foster Mom – Shes currently getting ready to ship my new found object of love off sometime soon. I just want my new aussie pal here as quickly as possible. I am so excited to sit at her bobbins and drool. This is a huge thing for me and if I didnt slober enough in my previous post about her, I cant believe I GOT A SPINNING WHEEL !!! All these years. All these years. OMF- G !!!!

New Geekdom – I was talking with the BF the other night (they are all blurring due to a horrible cold) and detailing what I need in a new pc. My old one – this one is on the downside of elderly and while still great for a home pc for pixie – not suited to what I will be needing to do soon (when) I get hired at this new company I am seeking employment with. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Its something where I would be able to work remotely for now from home. This brings us back to the BF/PC/Geek Squad… New pc for Me ! I know nothing about it – but will tell you as it rolls in.. I do know its dual core and has Vista pre-installed.

Mucus – I have been feeling super puney and ick for the most of this week. I pick up my needles more often while under my blankets on the sofa. I really do not want to do much of anything else. The AC guy came out yesterday to swap out the filter for the units in the house and actually.. once he did – I seemed to get some relief in my breathing. I am very sensitive to dust. I know this – but its amazing what one little thing can do.

Blaze La Flame – Herself. She was my partner for Debb’s Halloween Crochet Swap. She emailed yesterday to let me know that she has gathered my items and will be sending them off sometime soon. You have to check our her blog and give her a little love. She is very crafty and a totally fun read. Plus she always has fantastic Freebie Mondays ! I can not wait to see what has been posted off !

There is still time to join my team for the Lee Denim Breast Cancer awarness day.
Click the box anywhere on my site to go to my team home page.

I am determined to kill Cancer 5$ at a time !!!


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  1. I would be very happy if you would like to come to swap gift on sirpriz!
    Have a nice day!
    Mama from France

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