Topic of the Week – Fall into Autumn

yarn-stash.jpg  knotty 
Our topic this week was – to flash our tools. I took a pic of yarn stash – and tools – you can click the thumbnails if you would like to see larger images.. come on click.. I seriously geeked on these !
So in some little bit of order here we go:

Knitting Needles  – in various sizes – primarily metal a few plastic ones including my new kit needles sent by my Oct Pal (!!!)
Crochet Hooks:
Lite Hooks – LCD lit needles for crocheting in darker settings
Tunisian Needles – LOVE THESE !!!
Work holders
Some stitch marker makings (yes I make custom ones)
Fabric Tack – wonderful little clue to have for any occassion project etc.
Of course my Spindle that I love so much that has been with me for 10 years  : )

The other picture is of my stast pool. Yes both boxes and another in the closet. I finally with the help of pixie got it organized. She took everything upstairs for me and boxed it up. Prior it had been in a box here bag there. This is so much better !
Ok and in front of that box.. what is that I see.. OH MAMA YES !

Its my brand new spanking Kiwi – that has yet to be named ! I have started practicing past the flu that has inhabited me the last week. My yarn resembles noodles.. but hey you have to start somewhere right?


4 Responses

  1. (lol) your monster is great!!!

  2. very cute charchar – I just added my que on ravelry – go check it out !

  3. cute ewe!!!

  4. Hello,
    How are you?

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