Feeling the Spirit

I found the binding off tutorial I was looking for and completed my dishcloth this morning very early. My partner has no clue this is headed her way.
It was cold here this morning, and as I left to walk Pixie to the bus stop (hell yes I still do that – more on that in a min) …. I left the yarn and project on the arm of the sofa, ARM of the sofa.
In his process of gathering blankets and goodies for warmth – Elvy found my lovingly knitted dishcloth to be an exceptional specimen and added it to his nest of decomfortable?lights.
The thing is I upon getting home completely fell in love with this orange and black combo. Set against my olive sofa it was Halloween Photo Moments waiting to happen. Slightly perturbed he was on my gift to my new friend… I realized I could quickly freshen it up on a lovely Soak – before I mail it to her and also roll over to make sure no kitty hairs were on it. Still.. not thrilled about the kitty lovin it got (she is a pet lover I am sure its less offensive to her) but I will admit I am loving the scene suddenly made available for my bloggy geekness and photo craving.
As anyone who has been reading my blog knows, my position with my former company ended Sept 12th. Since then a dear friend has been cheer-leading me into a role at the company she works for. Several interviews later an offer phone call came in last night and its official !!!


I have to train – get real life office supplies and go out of town to said company boot camp. I am very nervous about this only because I will have to leave Pixie with my  mum. I asked her how she felt about it today on our walk. Her lip puckered a little and she rolled her eyes, ” Have to deal with it – this job is the best one you have had and it means alot to you”

(insert instant tears here now)

How did I ever in a million years get so unbelievably @#$% blessed.
Ok.. so… Yea apprehensive about leaving her alone.  I will be there a whole week. Its not like vacation where you know you will only be gone a few days and they will be staying with a sister or brother and their kids.. or lets say some really responsible loving tender grandparents. My womb is a somewhat narcissistic self involved often wild minded woman who is at the drop of a hate spiteful verbally gnarly and mean.
“Why is she living with you why is she around your kid  why why why why”
There are a million answers and while I paint a harsh picture she is family – the only little bit I have and she is unable to live on her own at this time (being she is not currently looking for a job.. ahmm) and also she really did help this summer with Pix out of school. I had  no one to take care of her.

OK so flip side of this new job- I will be working from home. That means I will not be driving all over the city. I will not have to worry about not being here when my young lady is headed home. I will not have to worry about her walking down a rural road alone and with no neighbors to notice possibly disappear from plain site.

I have a huge issue right now with the rate at which young people (mostly women but not all) are being victimized stolen and made missing in America and ok – yes in some out of nation countries. I know there are many sources – trafficking sex trade baby adoption blackmarket rings etc… I just cant stand this anymore. I cant stand hearing another young college woman barely entering her life has suspiciously disappeared from plain view. Or that a girl not even old enough to go to her first prom has been found back in a wooded lot.

What the hell is wrong with us?
So I walk my child to her bus – I wait until she gets on – I watch her friends walk home in the afternoon and I take a 120lb police trained shepherd with me. While he is our fat happy old man of a dog – he once took a bullet for a cop in a bank robbery and doesn’t hesitate to lunge at someone issuing distress to his family.

He is the only reason me being away a week will not be that bad. However.. I will be absolutely demanding that my child is walked to the bus and home every afternoon.. since I am supporting this family I think I have the right to request this.


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