129$ Find – Watch out pattern designs !

Frugal is not even the beginning!
I love to catalogue shop. Its absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt one of my most coveted secret pleasures. I am always disappointed though to find treasures that I would never have any intention on purchasing no matter how much I love due to their insane prices! This lovely tidbit is a perfect example.
Trend wise the last two years have been the year for do it yourself-ers. Crochet Knit and made by man pieces are easily duplicated off of all the runways. Payless Shoes are even popping up crocheted accessories and boots !
So browsing cats today with mom on the deck – shes ordering these insanely priced shoes. Asks me if I want a pair and I just cant find it in my gut to desire a 90$ pair of shoes right now. I look at some of the other items. This catalogue has really beautiful high quality constructed items. I know someone would have no issue paying these prices. Then I see this. I look closely at the HDC and TC and know that I have countless patterns in my circulars free patterns of the day and magazines collected over the years. Racing upstairs excited to the hilt I have made a designer discovery – I open Family Circle Crochet Spring 2007. Whats in the first few pages.. why this pale spring cardigan in pastel green. Ok the basket-weave and other stitches are slightly altered. Here’s the thing though.. any crocheter can take a pattern.. with some little bitty know how – alter cast ons and rows even each stitch to create the look they desire. This pattern is giving me the shell and with a little elbow grease.. I may very well have my first piece to design here folks !!
I am truly inspired and excited !


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