Skully Socks By Anna Zero - NBH - Pattern Laundry Detergent Painting Craig Paul Nowak

See its already kicked in.
Pixie ran off to the Circus … no really… while she hasnt joined it yet (yet) , she did go on a girls day outing from an invite from a friend up the street. Its the first *alone* big kid day out (neighbors parents are present) since we moved up here. She was absolutely stoked to go, and ok ok its really the Autumn Fair not the circus. We dont do circus stuff due to animal conflict of interest issues.  So I have time to get online, read resource print patterns and craft drool.

Skully Socks – Designed by Anne Kuo Lukito seemed a sweet little treat to work up pre Halloween. I know she labels them as Buccaneer .. but to me they sing in the spirit. I also immediately thought.. hmmm Nay. She is my closest friend – and complete inspiration for living. I love her and coincendality she is a performer in the Clearwater Florida Pirate Show. I will post some flare for her.. when I can pull all my weblinks. Shes a tuff stuff brod hot and well I just cant think of a more perfect present.

Zero Nightmare Before Christmas – Any Burton fan or any big kid young kid or Halloween Ghoul would love to have this pattern ! Designed by Liz its such a great job and I am so impressed proud and completely in love with her for working this up. Good Job Liz.

Laundry Detergent PaintingCraig Paul Nowak – Totally impressed – you have to click the thumbnails to see the bigger picture. He painted these on classroom walls in one display – their there when the lights are on – lights go out blacklights come on – wala!
What a great idea for halloween! As mentioned in several articles you could do the outside of the house  – a spook house etc – and it washes OFF !!! Ok you crafty moms !! How fantastic would that be !!! I know this Chicago artist more than likely didnt expect a bunch of craftsters to pull from his experiment or utilize the idea for Halloween decor – then again perhaps he would enjoy that ! LOL ! Either way his work is lovely and and I ❤ him today for inspiration.


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