My person

Knitting with Grey’s and loving the show in just a general warm fuzzy way, I often reflect on Cristina and Meredith.
I remember once upon a time My Person. I was blessed to have her live down the street from me and on several occasions we curled up chatted lived and experienced our lives together.
I guess motherhood and life steps in and its harder to find your person in friendships. There is such a great dynamic between these two characters and while some will chat dysfunction I personally think the writers whom ever they may be are brilliant.
They have explored the deeper dynamics of relationships to a level not always seen in mainstream entertainment. We are messy and cluttered and dysfunctional. We forget lie cheat mess up and mess out. We fall for the wrong person and miss the right one.

In the end though we connect and things happen the way they do for a reason.

I just wish I had stronger internal dialogue and a walking soundtrack to my life would be FAB !!!!


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