Real Ghosts and Ghoulies

Throughout my life there have been bumps in the night. Faces appearing outside my window or sometimes worse behind me in a mirror. We lived in many towns rich with history and blood shed in my youth. The colonial areas of the eastern US, the tribal areas of the great American south west and cities older than time in Europe.

It wasn’t until I was much older and developed friendships with people more in tune that I realized people can actually attract other forces in this universe. I tend to attract.

When I was about 11 we moved from Virginia out to Arizona. Another move another city new friends. This house was one of the scariest places I think my parents ever lived.  The house was a typical southwest ranch – with the master being up front by the den and the other bedrooms back down a hall off the main living space.
My room was back there. My mom wanted me to take the pretty purple room with awesome tiled floor. I hated that room and instead choose the bright sunny room with the horrendous orange and yellow stained shag carpet.
From the first night things started happening. Noises from nowhere – objects moving – items disappearing. In the hustle of unpacking you do not notice these things as much.
When we became settled and my dad started traveling things appeared normal – quiet.

First night back from a trip – crap hit the fan. I was asleep and vaguely recall my window opening. He came in late into the evening and was frustrated that I had opened it. Wasting electricity keeping him awake from the hum of the A/c and having a window out to the street where anyone could come in and grab me. I hadn’t opened it and when I told him this he became very angry and started yelling. Instantly there was the biggest BOOM I think I had ever heard in my life. Today I could compare it to the sonic boom of the shuttle when landing in Earths orbit again.  We all went flying from my room.
It always seemed things would get bad when my dad was back from  a trip or raising cane about something. When his anger flared he would be targeted by flying objects from kitchen cabinets or zapped by an electric outlet malfunctioning.

Soon my room was a place I couldn’t stay. A figure appeared at night. Half in that place of sleep and awake I would see her sit down. I know she was a she by the way she smelt and felt. She didn’t have that cold dirt smell the purple room did. She smelt warm like sunshine and tulips. Earthy but sweet, she was like a whisper over flowers. Breezy. She liked my grandmothers rocking chair and would stay there most of the night with me. She would move the metal hangers in my closet to let me know she was around. She was the one who would open my window. I had one of those glass bonsai trees my dad had brought back from over seas. It was crushed on my floor one night and startled I awoke to get down and see the damage. Before I could put my feet on the floor (where the glass was) all my drawers tumbled out of my dresser. My mom was back there in a flash. She was just coming into the room when the rocking chair went empty. She put her hand up to tell me to stay on my bed and looked at the corner and said to me.. who was that? But then instantly shook it off telling me not to move because of the glass. As she was picking pieces of tiny fibre glass bonsai out of the shag… she looked at me and said.. I did see her didn’t I ?
Yes you did.
Did she do this?
No the other one did from the purple room.

During my fathers next business trip and after more noises broken items and a full on kitchen attack where ever piece of their wedding china was flung at my dad – my mom had a psychic come out. She would not even come out of the kitchen. She became so ill she ran out the carport and threw up on the Jola Bush. I will never forget my mom hosing off that cactus while she apologized. She told my mom.. we had to move. She told my mom I couldn’t stay around them. I was too sensitive and while maybe not psychic they knew I could feel see and react with them. They could react with me. My mom didn’t even ask her who.. she knew what the lady was saying. Neighbors had already fed their input on the three ladies of the house.
We stayed in the Embassy Suites that night. I loved it. They had a living room kitchen and bedroom area. It was like an apartment with a pool right outside the door, and for the first time I slept in a soft bed with my cat and dog and felt safe. I think it was the first time in a long time my mom did too.
We went to the house to start packing and my mother called the landlord over. In the few months (Jan – April) that we lived there – he had avoided us.
She had called him numerous times to ask about the horrid odor in the master suite and strange bleach mark that covered the whole floor. Finally when she told him she was moving and wanted her deposit or she was suing for damages to her furniture china and belongings he showed up.
Check in hand – he said nothing more than – did you see them too?
I will never forget it. Validation in one small sentence. My mom nodded and said not so much seen but destroying everything we owned. More so when my dad was around.
Mr Hemlie was the son of the lady who owned the home. I think that was his name. There was a beauty school case in one of the closets that I used to put my barbie clothes in. Deb Hemlie is written on it. I still have it. He had told me on our first walk through when I found it was his daughters. His mother died in the master suite our neighbor had told us. She had cancer and was very much in pain and very alone. No one came by to see her. My mom thinks she killed herself due to the large blood stain that was attempted to be bleached. From there – Deb lived in the house. Another neighbor said Deb had been killed in car accident. But yet another neighbor disputed it and said no it was the sister that was in the church. Yet another family member had stayed and died in the home which was actually a member of church and had lived back in the back of the house. My room.

While he never told my mom who or what was possibly there. It was family and he did know who lived and died there. We left and moved clear across town into a neighborhood with NEW construction.
My life has been full of friends that sometimes visit.
Recently while living in Florida I lived in a home that while not old was older and had previous owners. We were testing a new camera against a black back drop and caught pictures of orbs and moving articles.  I at the same time met a great friend who is very into activity and paranormal experiences. She submitted my pics for evaluation to GhostPix and other sites. It was remarked the detail was not a light artifact bug or smear. That for all purposes really appeared to be a moving orb.
But … this orb is different. This orb is always present with me and not attached to that house. I have seen a face appear in my rear view mirror while driving at night that at first almost caused me to go off the road. I have gone into my kitchen a night to see what appears to be a very tall man standing at me sink. As much as shadows can nod.. he does.
When I fell and broke my leg he was in my bedroom every second. Guardian Angel is what I have heard.
It still is somewhat unsettling however when trying to put your make up on for a half a second there is someone there with you. Someone who doesn’t make you feel afraid but is gone so quickly it makes your heart race and you end up poking yourself in the eye !


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