Exciting things to share

I have been in training for this new job so as mentioned its difficult to get online at night. I usually crash as my mind is marshmallow by 5pm. Plus I then sit in two hours of traffic which is always fun… you know I cant wait to start working from home. Its going to be amazing!
Ravelry – I got my invite! I have been on Rav about two weeks now and really looking forward to exploring it more. I have joined some groups and you can find me there under the name knottypurl of course. What I love thus far is I am building a work in progress – by collecting information patterns stash counts and organizing my data. Its just really a great way to organize my cluttered realm. The connection to local crafters is awesome !

Training – is going really great but super deep in info. My brain feels washed.

 LYS – I was able to finally get to my local yarn store last weekend. Cast on  Cottage in Roswell. It was wonderful  I met all the staff and really was able to get a great feel on what a LYS can be. Its a great store. I wish I had gone alone. My mom went with me and it made for impossible looking.


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  1. I’ve been on ravelry for a few weeks now – there’s a lot to take in, and well worth the wait! Enjoy it! 😀

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