I love mailed surprises

I love mailed surprises

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Last week as everyone knows I was in the throws of training.
Loved it – loved my instructor. Had a tough time with converting what I was learning into what I will be doing as my instructor was not sure himself.
So I get home…
Theres not only a laptop to use.. theres a gift basket.


Pretty green polka dot wrapped goodness.
I am so thrilled.
The mail will be coming soon and I cant wait heard from my secret pal and shes sent stuff off.


I love getting stuff in the mail !

What I did this weekend:

Friday night was family date night and all of us went to see Nightmare before Christmas 3-D.  There have been a few debates on blogs about it being really 3D. The version I saw – HECK YES. Everything really stands out is sharp crisp and wacky. Certain scenes when things fly towards the *camera* or what would be film percieved audience angle – it really pops off the screen. Example – Sally leaving the Doctor to go help Jack. She lowers a basket out of her window. You the viewer see that basket almost as if it were coming down the screen. Its awesome.
This being my all time favorite movie ever – well I had a blast.


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  1. Oh that sounds so thrillilling. I want to go see that one too…love your basket! Oh yeah, partners are up for Nov. http://crochetswapblog.blogspot.com

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