“There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.” — Francis Bacon


Boteh Scarf

I had to put down the DPNs and knitting needles. That’s it. Need a break 🙂

I am pretty proficient in crochet more so than ever in my life. I still have a few issues with reading patterns but that’s what frogs  are for !
I remembered seeing a beautiful ocean wave patterned scarf. Almost like a line of paisleys lined up whooshing down a tiled floor. I found the picture in a crochet flickr group to start and was just smitten with the pattern never having enough faith I could do that. That’s always my stopping moment .. I think oh that’s just too complicated for me I don’t have the skill set.
I need to learn to either stop that voice in my head try and fail or try it and be satisfied I can and did the job.
That voice causes so much doubt everywhere else in my life its not even funny.

 So something amazing happened. I googled the pattern. Found out it was available in the Interweave Press Crochet Summer 2007 Back Issue  Silly me silly silly silly.

I so quickly forgot a few months back I ordered several of the back issues and even got one free in a special promotion they were running.
SO out came all the magazines. Yes I need shelves to store supplies its official. I am organizing tonight.
There it is.. in its wavy glory. I broke out the beautiful yarn Christine  sent me for our scarf swap. I wanted to use this because its so soft blue and beautiful it felt like the Boteh. With in minutes I had worked out the pattern, and my hands were shuttling along creating this fabulous-ness.

I can not believe I completely forgot I had all these back issues !

Flickr Joy

thats not funny !

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Well I took five minutes in the help section and learned how to adjust my widget to get my flickr pics to show. Hot Mess! Its about time! I love sharing pics its really one of my greatest joys next to blogging.
I have been a little frustrated. I had all these dreams of getting all these great home made gifts done for xmas (watch me I still may) but the circular needles and the DPNs make me cry nightly. LOL.
I will endure hang in and work it out. Its nothing that no other knitting enthusiast on the planet hasnt had to endure as well.

I want to say thank Angela and Phyllis who left me little love notes about Bella.
Exciting – Ang and I live miles apart and do the same things daily it cracks me up.
Exciting – Phyllis lives in my town!!! I hope she will join the YarnCaravan and our Ravelry Group!
Hes a strong ol’ fella. He loves his family so much hes just not ready to leave. I took up a heating pad and soft towel and Dr Nicky gave him an appetite enhancer. That with subQ fluids he will have nourishment and not get dehydrated during his final times. This also means he wont have pain. The heating pad really made my mom happy, because Bella actually has started relaxing and sleeping. He was knotted into a little ball and while not expressing pain  you could tell his muscles were tense. After about an hour on the pad he actually stretched out. So relaxed in fact his bladder let loose ! Ok this would be gross to some and yea I would normally be fizzled but the his peepee is only water. Not to mention he was on his towels so the only thing really wet were those. Nothing else was messed.

Have you ever wanted to open a Yarn Store?

Yes I have and no I cant : ) I just passed a really old buildling today while driving to pick up Pix from school and thought.. hmmm hardwood floor and rooms and rooms of yarn. It has acreage even though being in downtown how fun would it be to keep a few sheep.
((dream sequence begins here))
I come in early morning and turn on the soft antique lamps. Several include my grandmothers Gone with the wind victorian lamps. The faint scent of cranberries and cinnamon drift in the air and wool is to be found everywhere from baskets to wall shelves. The upstairs rooms host space for wheel knitting and project classes. Local artist have display space for custom yarns and even fleeces…. ahh the joy.

Transition Gloves – Loopy Ewe Love

Transition Gloves

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My package from the Loopy Ewe arrived yesterday. I was pretty much still in turkey and black Friday coma. I was so excited to see my box and get my hands on the beautiful superwash merino that would become a Christmas present for one VIP shortly.
What I didn’t expect was this care love and attention put into this package.

Sheri wrote a happy little note to welcome me to the Ewe and send Turkey wishes.
” Hi Charity ! Thank you so much for your order. We’re so glad to have you here. Have a blessed Thanksgiving week. We’re thankful for you! – Sheri ”

I include it in the picture – just because it made such an impact on me. I know fiber friends and business owners are some of the nicest people in the service and retail industry. I just like to make note of their kindness and professionalism when I can because I don’t think we as people are grateful enough nowadays for this attention to detail.

I go to get a bagel or cup of coffee and do not even get a smile – yet here I order a pattern and some wool and get a very warm postal hug. Not to mention – did you see the little freebies in there !!
Needle Inventory Cards and some yarn samples.

My next purchase will absolutely include some of this Regia Bamboo. Reviewing the details its part wool part bamboo so not full but a mix. I do not know enough yet about wools and blends to express what this means in knitting news : ) I am learning ! I watched a tutorial on Fair Isle knitting this morning which is what the Transition Gloves pattern stems from. I have not used colors in this manner or worked a pattern where you add in colors to create a pattern. Socks you just follow the stitches : )  and watch them self stripe according to the yarn. There are some super awesome easy patterns on the same site – Knitting Help.
Make sure you take a peek!

Black Friday Coma

So I attempted to do the whole before dawn black friday mad dash. Silly silly silly.
I found an advert on the tv for something Pixie wants for xmas. I have already purchased one online for a pretty good value –  but thought “wow if I can save this much money lets try it” The difference between the two is several hundred dollars and while the one already purchased is MUCH better I thought the other would be a good “starter”. I lay out all my clothes keys wallet and set my alarm. I am out the door by 4am and travel right down the street to my local BestBuy. At my arrival  – the line to get in is ALL the way around the building. You have to stand in line to get a ticket to get your item. Of course you know this story. There are only like 6 of each item in stock as the “door buster” items.

You know this is the biggest crock of pooey I have ever seen. I stood in line just in case. Maybe not all these thousands of people were there for the same thing as me. Yea right. Doors opened at 5am. People had been in line and camping out since 10p the night before. Whatever@!
I get to the tickets – of course its gone.
I leave right then and there and head over to Kohls and BedBathBeyond. I am there right as the door opens and I GET the doorbusters I was looking for there. So I take my time to shop because each store has hundreds of people as well and the check out lines wrap clear around the store 4 times over. I will say I got some great bargains in these two locations, but will I ever do this again? No.
I made it home about 730 am and was a complete waste the whole day.

Martin Clan Aran Pattern

Martin Clan Aran Pattern

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I fell in love with this sweater this morning. I was looking online for resources to designing your own knitting patterns. I have yet to find any great books for that, but I did find my clan Aran pattern.

In Ireland very few people were ever really identified by a particular pattern – this is true. It is absolutely more of a lure and publicity tool.  However certain families were known for their gifts in knitting and for their ability and education to the craft. My family while all homedo-ers were not so into knitting as herbs and home remedies. However going back through family history there were the other side of the aunts (daughters of my grandfather prior to his marriage to my grandmother) that were excelled in their Irish Knitting patterns.

Many of their favorite cables are represented here which is what drew me in. Does this website know that – I doubt it. But they do offer the accurate family arms and some fun history. Plus the ability to have an authentic Aran pattern – which is awesome. The stitches as they say, do mean something from dreams wishes to stories of my ancestors.

Few clans were associated with the Aran Isles, but patterns made their way all through out Ireland due to the gifted women creating these beautiful sweaters.

Tucked in for Turkey Day


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I made pies today. Thats it.. and worked. Nothing exciting at all. I am really looking forward to laying on the sofa all day and knitting. My goal is to bring up my shelves from the basement organize my stash and space and get the clutter out.

Pixie cleaned the whole house today. Even lifted out the windows and washed them. Amazing job she did. She will get extra pie !

Its raining tonight and while I listen I am very melancholy.

We got bad news that Bella (my very first on my own kitty) is heading to the sunset. He was the first kitty I ever got when I moved out on my own. I moved out when I was 16 so Bella (short for Belasarius) is a rather old chap. Hes been super well loved I just feel really bad for my mom. She kinda loved him over to the dark side many years ago : ) and hes been her true love. I know she feels really sad and just doesnt have a lot to be thankful for with this news. It could be any day really. Hes very frail and while still take fluids and eating.. hes just got that little old man look about him. Plus his little eyes (that use to look like the star I named him after) just are sunken and not very sparkly.
His eyes always used to be a very clear jade big round and looked like the moon set in a black sea of night. Really always a beautiful cat.
I took him up a heating pad tonight. When Gizzie – my love – passed some time back I had one for him and it gave him alot of comfort. If he starts showing pain or is uncomfortable I know my mom will take him in to be put down but she told the vet today she needs to think about that a little more. While we dont like our pets to live our their last days in any pain.. we also do not ever seek to put them down just because their old. We try to spend some last little quiet moments. Again.. as long as their at peace and always comfortable.

My pets bring me a tremendous amount of comfort and people wonder why I love them.
Each one has a personality or way about them that means something to me and I guess there are just not enough people in the world who love animals like I do.

Thing is.. my animals have never broken my heart do not use me never hurt my feelings are super easy to talk to dont critize my anything.. and as long as I make sure they have yummys and some other essentials plus lots of hugs.. they worship the ground I walk on.

The best part of my morning? When I am standing at the coffee pot grinding my beans Willie wraps around my legs – he soft orange angora tail tickles my ankles and feels so cool and soft. If its chilly he will actually sit on my feet (you know like little girls do when dancing with their daddies) . The rest of my clan will sit by their food bowls. Some yawn, some sit uneasy on the cold tile. Others talk and demand my haste in their vittles. But the moment the food clinks into the bowls.. a outpour of purrs goes up.

Each little tail calms down and every single one look at me at least once and smile meow purr or acknowledge my giving.
They say thank you.

The last is always Willie.. he will stay at my feet and toes and finall with a pat on his back from me .. he will shuffle off to join the humm line.

What a gift.

So tonight I am sorry Bella is old and not able to gather cuddle and be part of this. But I am thankful for the gift of his life and the friendship he gave me and over the years the companionship he gave my mom.


So what a day !

My brain is absolutely mashed potatoes. Its almost midnight yet again (doing this alot lately) and I finished work around 10p. We have had several fires to put out today. I  am really looking forward to a few days off to knit. Yes I really am be quite.
That being said… I have a delivery on its way from the Loop Ewe.
This makes me really excited. I am making some gloves for pixie and while her scarf is back shelved… the gloves will not be. I just need to find a few hours every night to finish one project at a time. I get so excited. Start 20 and finish none. Akkkk

I will not do that anymore @!

I have discovered my coworker and I share a very kismet connection for all things musical.
I think I will have to make him a scarf for xmas. Hes the snow board mountain man type.. so something woolie warm and rugged. Hes been instrumental in getting me educated on this zaney world of SEM.
Now.. to find his favorite color… its a mystery!

 But Alas.. I go to my happy place and look what Angela Left Me >>> Post O Happiness !!! 
I love socks I really do – but these DPNs make me cry .. case in point I have frogged the purpley happy beachy socks 4 times now.
I am off to get circulars in the morning to work on some of these tutorials!!!