Flu Busting

Frank and Jack

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I havent posted which is an oddity for me because I am usually in here tinkering EVERY day.

News –

Atlanta Metro Yarn Hop – Nov 10th – 18th
LYS (10 to be exact) around Atlanta will be hosting. I have already picked up my passport. DB and I will be hitting all ten next sat at the start of the hop. My two favorite shops are CastOn Cottage and Ewe Too.
They are the closest and the people are so nice. I actually visited E2 for the first time sunday to get my passport and picked up some great sock yarn. I will be visiting alot more in the future.
Ravelry Quein process of being updated
Halloween Madness
– A huge success for Pixie
Swaps – I got my box from Paige. Goregous – have to get out the pix yes I know. My two packages to my Buddies went out. Working on my Nov Pals now. Have found some seriously great Turkey Madness.
Training for New Job – intense wonderful and insane.

I have to get alot done today – but I will be posting entries and news all this week. I have a ton of patterns I am adding to my que on Rav and many more to give to friends. I just dont have them posted yet. Most are for holiday goodies.


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