The cough is releasing…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket  I actually have a voice today and have work!! wOOO !
I did some training with B yesterday and have some projects to work on today. I am so darn excited. All these manuals and classes.. I ve just been wanting to get in and work ! Now I can (smiley)

Db and I took Pixie to Sugos last night. Everyone needs to go have dinner at Freddie’s restaurant. Its so amazingly good for every bone in your body. I pigged out.

So these snowflakes. .. Ruth is making Xmas Garlands. In my decor searching I ran across her blog and contest. She is selling a set for a very low price and can join them to create a lovely window hanging or tree garland. I love silver blues whites and snow decor for Christmas. Its one reason I have always loved snowmen and the such. Last year I even got to make a snowman out of the snow and ice that landed one evening. Please visit Ruth and let her know how much you love her flakes too !

So HobbyLobby had this insane sale. On entering the store and finding all these amazing deals – I discovered a fun fact about myself.

Yarn replaces my boyfriend. When I am lonely or missing him I fondle wool. The comfort from the happy colors and soft cuddly squishyness makes me happy. So I find this skein on sale that one on sale and when HL has a bin of SugarNCream for 88c a skein I empty the whole bin. Nevermind that its a crappy brown and blue colorway that looks rather like a bruise.. it will still make a fairly decent dishcloth right?


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