No hopping for me : (

I had my map planned I had my times and destinations marked. I even had a schedule to start and stop.

Yea well that’s before the family that is supposed *to be* backed out and completely non supported me.

We will call that WOOL BLOCK!

(edited for the innocent)

I embrace my anger and today I am angry. I am disappointed let down and right out pissed. I edited what I wrote here.. because while bubbling and valid it was babble. I was talking to myself not attacking you. I don’t like you right now.

Instead word of the day from Urban Dictionary –

Phone Grope

Grabbing at pockets, patting yourself down to make sure you have your cellphone and don’t need to turn around and go back home for it. This behaviour tends to be heightened in people who also have a habit of going back to check the locks on the doors several times before leaving home.

Dude, stop that.


Quit the phone grope. You’re always grabbing at your pockets as soon as we’re on the road. Didn’t you remember your cell?


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