Will TuTu for Food….

I initially named this post Hairy – but this other title caught me as funny based on the picture.
I am going to wear tutus to work
I am going to scream when I feel anger building in me like it did all night last night.

I am trying to find a new do. I have to absolutely have something sexy as hell fun flirty but it also has to be easily managed as I am not a huge product ho and do not have the time every day to twist crimp and fukk with it. My life is like a sound in motion and that sound screeches to a halt at times or moves faster than any sense or sensibility.
I really like the hairstyles I see on Lisa Loeb. Her face structure is very similar to mine we both wear funky glasses and have almond shaped eyes. There is just not enough on the net to find a really good example of her hair style.
I need a makeover

I need a spa day and massage. Sigh..

Michael sent me a hilarious link to cheer me up this morning:


He is very aware of how sometimes a woman just needs to bytch slap the hek ouf of something even if it is a virtual idiot. I need to go work out .. I am really in a crap tear something apart mood.
Its been building since the other day with me *edited* post situation. I laid awake last night and cried.

Thats all I did.


I am past the point of really being interested in crying anymore.

Things change next week.

Pictures to come :

Fall leaves and Lake for Mike
Crochet cozies I have been working on
New Do when I get it
Other crafts Ive been working on


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