Dear Christine

October Swap Box – Scarf Set

A letter to my friend in Canada.
I you !!! I love my box and it could not have come on the most perfect of days. I have been feeling frustrated and very upset this week. I opened this box to discover a bevy of beauties and my mood just spun right around !
The yarn was the best part along with the key chain. Silly as it sounds these two things just really cheered me up.
I love this robins egg blue colored satin yarn!
I have been very attracted to it for about a year now along with the chocolates and sage greens that are in all the catalogues. I want to do my house in the colors and thought to myself.. what better color to wrap around me for warmth on these chilly days !!!

Ive posted the full set of pics on my FLICKR take a peek when you can.

Thank you so much!

To my friends that read my blog let me detail some other special features:
Candy – this was gone in 5 seconds…
New Hooks – bright colors (yay!)
Pattern Book – tons of hats bags scarves – this is a good one!
Fall leaf candles – perfect for the holiday table
Planner – for all my new projects !
Stickers – Wooo !! LOVE THEM and their glittery!
Note Pad – very fall foliage and pretty!
Postcard – of where you live for my note board to remind me of all my friends close and far
Key-chain – to help me keep my keys together since I am always loosing them !!!
Napkins – lovely wine set and fun fun halloween set. Now I need some friends to come over so I can use them!
Coffee Mug – nice and large for those early mornings @


2 Responses

  1. What a nice thoughtful swap friend! And thanks for the history on the Mexican Wedding Cookies. I knew they were old but loved what you posted on my blog about them!

  2. I love this color too!

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