Tucked in for Turkey Day


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I made pies today. Thats it.. and worked. Nothing exciting at all. I am really looking forward to laying on the sofa all day and knitting. My goal is to bring up my shelves from the basement organize my stash and space and get the clutter out.

Pixie cleaned the whole house today. Even lifted out the windows and washed them. Amazing job she did. She will get extra pie !

Its raining tonight and while I listen I am very melancholy.

We got bad news that Bella (my very first on my own kitty) is heading to the sunset. He was the first kitty I ever got when I moved out on my own. I moved out when I was 16 so Bella (short for Belasarius) is a rather old chap. Hes been super well loved I just feel really bad for my mom. She kinda loved him over to the dark side many years ago : ) and hes been her true love. I know she feels really sad and just doesnt have a lot to be thankful for with this news. It could be any day really. Hes very frail and while still take fluids and eating.. hes just got that little old man look about him. Plus his little eyes (that use to look like the star I named him after) just are sunken and not very sparkly.
His eyes always used to be a very clear jade big round and looked like the moon set in a black sea of night. Really always a beautiful cat.
I took him up a heating pad tonight. When Gizzie – my love – passed some time back I had one for him and it gave him alot of comfort. If he starts showing pain or is uncomfortable I know my mom will take him in to be put down but she told the vet today she needs to think about that a little more. While we dont like our pets to live our their last days in any pain.. we also do not ever seek to put them down just because their old. We try to spend some last little quiet moments. Again.. as long as their at peace and always comfortable.

My pets bring me a tremendous amount of comfort and people wonder why I love them.
Each one has a personality or way about them that means something to me and I guess there are just not enough people in the world who love animals like I do.

Thing is.. my animals have never broken my heart do not use me never hurt my feelings are super easy to talk to dont critize my anything.. and as long as I make sure they have yummys and some other essentials plus lots of hugs.. they worship the ground I walk on.

The best part of my morning? When I am standing at the coffee pot grinding my beans Willie wraps around my legs – he soft orange angora tail tickles my ankles and feels so cool and soft. If its chilly he will actually sit on my feet (you know like little girls do when dancing with their daddies) . The rest of my clan will sit by their food bowls. Some yawn, some sit uneasy on the cold tile. Others talk and demand my haste in their vittles. But the moment the food clinks into the bowls.. a outpour of purrs goes up.

Each little tail calms down and every single one look at me at least once and smile meow purr or acknowledge my giving.
They say thank you.

The last is always Willie.. he will stay at my feet and toes and finall with a pat on his back from me .. he will shuffle off to join the humm line.

What a gift.

So tonight I am sorry Bella is old and not able to gather cuddle and be part of this. But I am thankful for the gift of his life and the friendship he gave me and over the years the companionship he gave my mom.


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  1. Sorry to hear about Bella :o( I never understand people who think animals are a piece of furniture and they just don’t “get” all of the joy and love and laughs that they bring into our lives.

  2. My thoughts are with you. My cats are the light of my life, and as you say they are always there for you, unconditionally. It takes a long time to get over losing one, no matter how many others you have.

  3. Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back 😉

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