Transition Gloves – Loopy Ewe Love

Transition Gloves

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My package from the Loopy Ewe arrived yesterday. I was pretty much still in turkey and black Friday coma. I was so excited to see my box and get my hands on the beautiful superwash merino that would become a Christmas present for one VIP shortly.
What I didn’t expect was this care love and attention put into this package.

Sheri wrote a happy little note to welcome me to the Ewe and send Turkey wishes.
” Hi Charity ! Thank you so much for your order. We’re so glad to have you here. Have a blessed Thanksgiving week. We’re thankful for you! – Sheri ”

I include it in the picture – just because it made such an impact on me. I know fiber friends and business owners are some of the nicest people in the service and retail industry. I just like to make note of their kindness and professionalism when I can because I don’t think we as people are grateful enough nowadays for this attention to detail.

I go to get a bagel or cup of coffee and do not even get a smile – yet here I order a pattern and some wool and get a very warm postal hug. Not to mention – did you see the little freebies in there !!
Needle Inventory Cards and some yarn samples.

My next purchase will absolutely include some of this Regia Bamboo. Reviewing the details its part wool part bamboo so not full but a mix. I do not know enough yet about wools and blends to express what this means in knitting news : ) I am learning ! I watched a tutorial on Fair Isle knitting this morning which is what the Transition Gloves pattern stems from. I have not used colors in this manner or worked a pattern where you add in colors to create a pattern. Socks you just follow the stitches : )  and watch them self stripe according to the yarn. There are some super awesome easy patterns on the same site – Knitting Help.
Make sure you take a peek!

Black Friday Coma

So I attempted to do the whole before dawn black friday mad dash. Silly silly silly.
I found an advert on the tv for something Pixie wants for xmas. I have already purchased one online for a pretty good value –  but thought “wow if I can save this much money lets try it” The difference between the two is several hundred dollars and while the one already purchased is MUCH better I thought the other would be a good “starter”. I lay out all my clothes keys wallet and set my alarm. I am out the door by 4am and travel right down the street to my local BestBuy. At my arrival  – the line to get in is ALL the way around the building. You have to stand in line to get a ticket to get your item. Of course you know this story. There are only like 6 of each item in stock as the “door buster” items.

You know this is the biggest crock of pooey I have ever seen. I stood in line just in case. Maybe not all these thousands of people were there for the same thing as me. Yea right. Doors opened at 5am. People had been in line and camping out since 10p the night before. Whatever@!
I get to the tickets – of course its gone.
I leave right then and there and head over to Kohls and BedBathBeyond. I am there right as the door opens and I GET the doorbusters I was looking for there. So I take my time to shop because each store has hundreds of people as well and the check out lines wrap clear around the store 4 times over. I will say I got some great bargains in these two locations, but will I ever do this again? No.
I made it home about 730 am and was a complete waste the whole day.


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