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thats not funny !

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Well I took five minutes in the help section and learned how to adjust my widget to get my flickr pics to show. Hot Mess! Its about time! I love sharing pics its really one of my greatest joys next to blogging.
I have been a little frustrated. I had all these dreams of getting all these great home made gifts done for xmas (watch me I still may) but the circular needles and the DPNs make me cry nightly. LOL.
I will endure hang in and work it out. Its nothing that no other knitting enthusiast on the planet hasnt had to endure as well.

I want to say thank Angela and Phyllis who left me little love notes about Bella.
Exciting – Ang and I live miles apart and do the same things daily it cracks me up.
Exciting – Phyllis lives in my town!!! I hope she will join the YarnCaravan and our Ravelry Group!
Hes a strong ol’ fella. He loves his family so much hes just not ready to leave. I took up a heating pad and soft towel and Dr Nicky gave him an appetite enhancer. That with subQ fluids he will have nourishment and not get dehydrated during his final times. This also means he wont have pain. The heating pad really made my mom happy, because Bella actually has started relaxing and sleeping. He was knotted into a little ball and while not expressing pain  you could tell his muscles were tense. After about an hour on the pad he actually stretched out. So relaxed in fact his bladder let loose ! Ok this would be gross to some and yea I would normally be fizzled but the his peepee is only water. Not to mention he was on his towels so the only thing really wet were those. Nothing else was messed.

Have you ever wanted to open a Yarn Store?

Yes I have and no I cant : ) I just passed a really old buildling today while driving to pick up Pix from school and thought.. hmmm hardwood floor and rooms and rooms of yarn. It has acreage even though being in downtown how fun would it be to keep a few sheep.
((dream sequence begins here))
I come in early morning and turn on the soft antique lamps. Several include my grandmothers Gone with the wind victorian lamps. The faint scent of cranberries and cinnamon drift in the air and wool is to be found everywhere from baskets to wall shelves. The upstairs rooms host space for wheel knitting and project classes. Local artist have display space for custom yarns and even fleeces…. ahh the joy.


2 Responses

  1. Actually I DID sign up for your Yarn Caravan. What a great idea! We need more of these activities in our area, don’t we! I live off GA 400 exit 14, right before the dam. I have a hunch there are more knitters in our neck of the woods and the more people browse around Ravelry hopefully we’ll all find each other.

  2. Glad Bella is more comfortable :o)

    Open a yarn store?!?! I would NEVER leave and I would spend all my earnings on yarn for my own stash, LOL!! I just went to my LYS today and was super naighty since I wasn’t supposed to by any more yarn until January.

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