Banging Booty Party Madness – Its really December?

So I went with DB to my ex-employment party.  Have to say I was a nervous wreck. Made sure I looked especially hot however and you know I think that went over especially well. At least for my own ego. I smiled laughed had a great time got drunk and suffered through the “I’m sorries”.
I was glad two really good friends were there. I was also really glad I work for my new company. Huge difference in people personalities and such. All my old friends are great and with the exception of like 3 people – who I rarely worked with anyway … I can honestly say it was really nice to see everyone.

I cant believe its December. I am really not ready for this year to end. Mind you it wasnt one that I can count as the best of the best.
I still would like more time with it.. lol.

Funny – I am on the mailing lists of several local MedSpa DaySpa sites and local places. I always sign up because its great especially this time of year to take advantage of discounts on gift certificates and massages. What I got in my email however was a puke breath shocker. An invite for a Botox Party. Touted as a fun girls night out. Yea do we not all recall when pig boutulism was a bad thing?
So for all those who love it – more power to you I am not by any means saying its the most horrible thing – but it just kinda creeps me out! Looking on the net – it appears there are lots of BP’s happening in the jet set of cool kids. I wish I were not as nerve racked to try something that for all purposes sounds fun.. yea no.
I would be having to do way too much wine and then omfg.. what if I had to puke from nerves and my face stuck that way!!
You know how when you were little mom always said – “your face is going to get stuck like that!”

Yea.. looks like she was right about something !@


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