Where has it gone?

Seriously is it just me or has this year gone insanely fast ?

In less than 12 days it will be my half birthday. Thats 6 months before your actual birthday. Its a little tradition DB started with his kids. I havent really ever paid attention to it until I realized in 6 months I will be over that midlife age line. No longer will I be a 20 something. No longer will I be a 30 something. I will pushing my way to 40 and while its still 5 years off – its coming alot faster than it should LMAO!
I have never been an age freak. I have been blessed with really good genes and do not look my age. My soft voice always gives people the impression im much younger than I am and I giggle alot, feel like a big kid and have NO problem associating with toddlers or teens.
I think this will keep me forever young in one way. I have a full happy and joyful heart.

I think thats the first time I have said that in several years… wow. Ok moment to reflect there.

Yes I am happy.

 SO the Holiday season is racing into our stress levels.

Take a break go get some Holly Perhaps you would be interested in Decking your Walls or Halls with some handmade goodies. I am all about recycling and we get so many christmas cards every year. There has to be much better ways to keep them after the season ends. I took the handmade challenge this  year and am working really hard to making sure that I buy handmade create homemade and recycle.

 I will not get stressed this holiday season and moving into the NewYear.


One Response

  1. Charity, I have your box ready and it should be going out tomorrow. So be on the look out for it…let me know when you get it…. 🙂

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