Goodbye Beautiful Bella

Beautiful Bella

I was looking for pix of my sweet friend to post a memorial of his beauty. I could only find one as all the others I have taken over the years are on my laptop and currently unreachable.

We took Bella to the vet last night. I sat mom down and had a long talk earlier in the day. He was no longer eating or drinking and while he was perky and alert (although not moving much) you could see he was shutting down. They gently placed a sedative in him but sadly could not get the final shot in. He became very ill with the sedative then calmed down and went out. I tried to get his little eyes to close but couldn’t. We had to walk out because Dr Jason was going to have to do a cardiac stick and I didn’t want mom or Pix to see that. I did cry a bit, but was so in the moment and so concerned about him it kinda escaped me until late last night. When I thought about this beautiful thing that was one of the most incredibly beautiful things I have ever known.. no longer being in this world.. yes my heart did break. Bella was like black velvet and moonbeams. I don’t think even in all the cats I have loved with the exception of Gizzie there has been something so stunning and pretty. Bella was really truly a pretty cat.  

I have to say somethings about Bella, because even though you the world of Blog Readers do not know me or do not know this amazing cat – he was that.. amazing. He also knew my life story unlike any other.

Bella was the first cat I had when moving out on my own. He was born on Halloween Night and I watched. He was an amniotic twin which in cat world is rare. There were two kitties in one sac. His brother Tao was long haired and just as beautiful. They were to be my roomies and my buddy kitties. That didn’t work out so well when she bailed. Tao went to live a long life with a friend and Bella came home with me.
Bella has been all over the world with me living in one room flats to barely bigger than closet dorms. He has flown to Germany France and Italy.
Bella is named after a star and a General.

His eyes were the color of lipid jade or pools of moonbeams.
At night when he would lay on me I would dream of things to come. Bella loved to lay upside on my lap while I rubbed his belly – his arms stretched out bat style side to side and drool. I always said he had a different take on the world than we did. His upside down antics proved it.
When you loved Bella he drooled on you. It was very romantic. LOL

He loved to sun himself at all times and if the weather dark or grey he would sit inside a lampshade close to the bulb until his ear got so hot they smoked. One time he actually caught himself on fire.

After getting into a sewing basket and swallowing a needle – he laid motionless until we could find him.  We had no clue what happened until we saw the string out the side of his mouth. Rushed off to xray there was the culprit laying there half in half out. He never panicked but remained calm and let us sort it out.

Bella loved to sleep in bags and we always had to check and make sure he had not climbed in one going out to the trash. He was always so light you could never tell if he was in there or not. He actually got thrown out one Xmas morning and shrieked and shrieked for about 10 minutes until we located him in the trash.

Bella got his butt kicked hard once by Simon when they first became house mates. Kicked isn’t the word… Simon tore open his rectum and again Bellz just laid there quietly on the inside falling out… until my mom found him on the towels in the hamper (he never made a mess!) and rushed yet again off the vet.

He was there through a marriage to which he was sent away by my then psychotically challenged spouse. Bella never liked him.. should have listened. This is when Bella went to live with my mom. She had just lost one of our Bulldogs Mugsy and was really saddened. Bella was the beautiful soul who comforted her.

That is where my story with Bella ended and hers began. Yet as a true family member and friend he was always there. When I came home and separated from the wife beater – He was there at night to calm me. When I began to live again he was there to cuddle up in my peace and purr through the happy days. When my daughter was born he was there to carefully sniff her lick her lips and curl inside her baby blankets content to be pooped on puked on and grabbed poked and pulled.
He loved Kel .
Hes moved all over the world and always been a pleasure.

I hope my mom has peace in this because today I think it is she who is suffering as Bella is finally at rest.


3 Responses

  1. All I can say is that I know you will always remember this cat in your heart. He must have been a wonderful friend all the years you & he shared together and I’m sure he knew how much he was loved.

  2. So sorry sweetie – see you next week at knit night!

  3. So sorry to hear about Bella, but its good to know he’s not suffering or in pain. My little girly likes to hang out in bags too, LOL!! They are so silly. HUGS!!!

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