Hot Cocoa Swap – Question of the week #4

What is your most memorable vacation? Where did you go? What made it memorable?

Well that’s easy!
Vegas 2004 …I was out there for work fell in love with him. We had to work as a team on a difficult decision and did it so well .. that night we became something more. It was a defining moment in my life that I will never forget no matter what happens. It meant more to me than anything I have experienced felt or been part of. In a candid moment I opened up and trusted someone for the first time with very sensitive and tender emotions. I expressed myself and was very honest about something. To my surprise he felt the same, appreciated my honesty and opened up as well. Which is hard – because hes just not the chatty emotional lets discuss type.
I cant tell you the juicy details GAWD !!!
Fast Forward. Vegas June – after several trips back – as we love to go.. He takes me for my birthday and treats me to one of the best concerts of my life.. Roger Waters – Dark Side of the Moon.
He had this whole trip concocted from the get go – his family joined us and we all really had a nice time. Then in the midst of it – he tells me – oh we are going to a show.. COOL !! NEAT !! What show?
“teee heee I cant tell you.. .”
Finally after hours and days of wondering.. we arrive at the MGM . Everywhere are Floyd shirts. I had REALLY wanted to go when they were in Atlanta but missed them. I was floored. I was so excited I cried.

All this started… 2004 with one choice.


Neat Scarf

How awesome is this ! For all those HP fans and those looking for free patterns and fun stitches. I found this while looking for pictures for the HSKS Quidditch Match.
Its an illusion scarf which means when looking at it one way it appears to be slight in pattern when laid the other – the pattern is clearly visible.

Its detailed at Lindsay’s Site
Which I read on a pretty regular basis but missed this from last year. I first found her on Craftster when she was posting about her BrainSlug (Futurama Fans WOOT!)
My first activities in the morning usually involve trying to breeze through blogs. I have so many I love its difficult.
I signed up for knitting daily and found some other great sites to get newsletters from and sign up for free patterns. I really have to post a list sometime soon because I forget where I like to go 🙂

Package from Kristie


I haven’t had time to post in the last few days. Its been as usual crazy around here. I have finally been able to take photos of the box my Jan Swap Partner Kristie sent me. Complete Surprise and really full of goodies.
Ok I said it on the blogspot for the crochet swap – but how much do I love the fact the needles are pink!!! I’ve already got a project on the circulars. Oh yes those RockStar needles actually inspired me to try this knitting in the round thing again.  I am making a Phiaro Scarf from KnitScene. I am about 10% into it. Its a big project and I dont knit as fast as most I think. I dont know maybe I just dont have the time others do to knit projects but I am committed to understanding this one! I want the feeling of knowing I can follow a pattern. Cast On Cottage (LYS) has a class where if you get stuck on a pattern you can go down and they will help you figure it out. Once I get to the end of this I will prob need that as it calls for some stitch dropping. I would hate to knit 22 inches of Stockinette Stitch only to discover I messed something up in dropping and then have to frog!

 Often thats what kills my interest or ability to want to learn new knitting techniques. I get very sad when I mess up and have to frog.
On the needle news – I previewed the Spring 2008 issue of Interweave Knits. Ok how cute is this:

Very Audrey Hepburn!  I really need to order some back issues of IK. There are some really great projects in there. I am also really needing to start watching the ebay side of things for Rowan pattern books. Some of their patterns are just stunning. 

Free Patterns have moved to Knitting Daily. I really have to start checking these sites because I just found some awesome pullovers and patterns for spring!
Also I posted this on ravelry – DOT’S DOOHICKEY
Its a great little organizer and really great for a desk or to use up extra scraps.

Well thats my mental out pour today. I am off to knit while i listen in on a call!

To be a Girl

Presents ?

Originally uploaded by CravnCrochet

Ok so heres a little secret – I love getting things in the mail. Its one reason I participate in swaps. That anticipation of seeing the box.. not knowing whats inside and unraveling all its little mysteries is thrilling to me.
On the flip side. Getting a gift from a guy.. WOOOOOOO

So I have been friends with J for a few years and we catch up where and when we can. He has been following some of my meanderings and knows that I love retro vintage smoutchba and ok well what girl doesnt adore cash.

My favorite product store is Sephora. SO they had this eye kit that has been wooing me for some time. As you can tell it showed up with all my other goodies.

Now ok yes everything tucked in here is awesome but let me explain why.

The book has been a work in progress and I know its something J is very proud of. His instructor wrote it and his photos are on the front so I know its a very bi accomplishment. The CD was handmade and I think this is the sweetest. Hes been trying to learn a Japanese Bamboo Flute and these are his recordings. All in all a very sweet package.

I went out last night and bought yarn and knitting makings with some of my money 🙂

Surprise me delight me and try and find me !

Im pulling an Amy Winehouse today. Hungover and not ready to admit to the fascinating details.
But let me say this.. I love me some of the Strawberry Mojitos.
I was introduced to this little treasure in Orlando at the Peabody one evening. The original Mint Mojito is not that indifferent from a mint julep. My heart enjoys mojito love. They have from what I have seen become the new martini. Only thing you really cant get drunk from them. Perhaps this is why other people like them too. I dont drink to get drunk. Never have even in my youthful 2o something days.
So where did this glorious hangover come from? I had four. Yes really.
They are so fresh and yummy you do want one after the other.

Tsk Tsk Tre Lusha.

So we had dinner out over by what used to be the marina. At this time there is no water in our lake as most of the lakes in Georgia. They are starting to pool a little more but its really low.  I had this amazing Bistro Burgundy steak. I am not sure why its called this or for what reason but man o man. Delicse!
I couldnt eat all of it and passed it into a little box for lunch.

It was nice to relax. This week has been pretty hectic for RM and I. We are in the process of organizing our process and days how we start end and detail all aspects. I think we have an awesome game plan. Hes great to plan with because he does think of the little details that I dont always do. Plus.. me being a newbie I make him think of things he already knows but may not think about because he knows it already. Which is important when it comes to our new users. I like it. I am ready to really make it shine.

Topic of the Week #3

What is your most random childhood memory

I have so many. My memories are random because we moved lived and changed so much in my youth due to family changes.

I remember the smell of the desert. Thats the first place I really felt at home and not installed somewhere in military housing, or home restoration projects.

It was a beautiful smell especially at sunrise or in the midst of a summer monsoon. Tucson was not polluted so the fresh earthy smell wasnt layered over exhaust or such. It filled your lungs and wasnt heavy sweet or dry. I loved carrying it on my sky when I came from outside or hanging clothes on the line and having them smell like it too.


I am just ill. Its none of my business but work wouldnt happen today. I sincerely think this is really sad. I love me some of the Celebrity O Rag.. but when individuals who are so charasmatic and have a great body of work pass (no matter the situation) its just a dam shame. This sexy little nugget is no exception. What a complete waste of raw fascination sexy da le sexy and potential.
Thats all that is to be said.

 So Sad…