2007 = hot f*kkin mess

Most of the Stash
Originally uploaded by CravnCrochet

Yes really. That’s how I feel about it. LOL.
I worked up this whole reflection post – which was spurred by the fact that I saw the Orlando Citrus Parade on TV this morning. Yea that really caused my pissy-ness to kick in.

I have no uber exciting or titillating tales.
2007 has been the year of boredom. Its really surprising that in the process of loosing brain cells from ABSOLUTELY NO STIMULATION… they didn’t sink straight into my butt and expand it to create a WIDELOAD.
Yea.. 2008 is on my horizons as being much more interesting.
I am going to work more at this new job thing. I am very excited to be part of a great group and be working in this latest project. Be excited with me.. this project is mine and RMs to create and grow. We could possibly really shine in this position.
I have not been given a chance to do such in many a year. I am really thrilled.
2007 Life Lesson Learned = Those who welcome your changes and achievements with enthusiasm pride happiness… maybe a bottle of wine ? love you. Those who barely notice are preoccupied with themselves or other things that place you on the bottom of the priority totem pole.
Lesson learned – thanks 2007

I really want to take some trips soon and go visit friends I have not seen in awhile.  I am feeling very jealous that Berb is stuck under an avalanche and skiing his days away in Vale.
I need to explore more of my world and prevent my brain from completing collapsing. I need to help my mother start her own life and move out. I really need to try that whole sock knitting thing again.

I need to use up all this dam yarn !


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