Crochet Deb’s Questionnaire

I am redoing this because alot has changed since August : )

Are you a knitter or crocheter? I do both but am more apt at crochet at this time. Really wanting to get more up on Knit.
I love to make….potholders dishcloths scarves afghans gifts for others
I really want to make…***SOCKS*** ! Wrists Warmers Gloves
My favorite yarns are..
Noro Silk Garden -LornaLaces and then *soft* types from Bernat Berroco or RedHeart – I prefer the soft yarns.
Favorite hooks or needles are… I love all kinds but need some smaller DPNs and Size 5 – 10 Knitting needles. I prefer wood type DPNs
I really wish I had… Denise Interchangeables – Yes of course this is a huge wish but I put it here for my FAMILY to take notice lol !
It was the one thing besides a GPS I really wanted for Xmas – main point – I really need some expanded sized knitting needles and not just circs or straights but both.. does that make sense?
My favorite colors – robins egg blue – chocolate – raspberry
My hobbies
Crochet most all projects –
Knitting newbie – Robin gifted me a great swap gift in the form of a knitting kit. I loved this. I really have learned alot from this and enjoyed a great deal of knitting on two needles since. I am still trying to teach myself DPNs as they present a large hand to eye problem for me 🙂 I would love to learn more as I am desiring to make socks! I have even entered other swaps to force myself to get to know how to use them!
Spinning Newbie (have my own wheel  now)
My kitchen theme and colors – I have a coffee themed kitchen.
My bathroom theme and colors – Raspberry/Chocolate polka dots
My dislikes – black anything – fun fur (what do you do with it anyway?)  
My crafts-  I really enjoy making stitch markers taking photos and crafting
My allergies – mushrooms- clams/oysters – bee stings
My favorite pets – Black Lab (Wolfe) Boston Terrier (Chip) 8 Cats 1 Hamster 1 Bird
Other stuff about me– I am a kitchy retro loving single mom. Getting something special in the mail is a way for me to make new pen pals and learn about other people. I have done Swaps with Deb since Sept and love it. I have the muju down and will always do these – their great fun for me. I love to gab I love to read.
I hope to design some patterns using Fair Isle techniques in the future as my skills grow and master those nasty little DPNs.
I do not have any subrscriptions currently to knit or crochet magazines but will often go pick some up. My favorites are of course any of the Interweave Press mags – Crochet! and Vogue Knitting.


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