WIPs FOs and the weekend

Everyone slept in this morning and I (like most mornings) was the first up and the first to not fall back asleep. I cleaned a little but couldn’t do heavy lifting because everyone was asleep.
After an hour of little chores, the camera came out to get pics of things I have been working on. I actually have been slamming out projects. I want to clear out some of the yarn I know is never going to be used in some great project.
That ugly yarn that will make really great scarves for teachers 🙂
The only problem.. those 3 weeks of winter we had with blustery weather. Yea all gone now. Spring is here and cold weather is not. So that leaves me in a pickle. Do I still make them to get the yarn gone. If I wait and make them next year.. nahh see I cant do that. I need these scarves and yarn gone so I can buy stuff I actually want to use in something.

SO I started this earthy blanket ( see more pictures Here and Here)

I love the colors together. The white is stiff and icky but the blue and chocolate very soft. The pattern can be found on Lion Brands site, however I believe you have to sign up to get their free patterns. It is shown as a baby blanket – but the colors can easily be changed to use some of your stashed leftovers. It only uses four skeins. The being said if you have more use it because you can make it a very nice sofa throw or lap blanket. This block isn’t even done and its huge there’s several more to make like this! Its going to be a very nice sized blanket.
I am pretty sure I am going to use the pattern to make Gi’s and E’s blankets. I have had their yarn for some time and really need to use it up. This is worked easily and perfectly. So grab your G hook – four skeins of leftovers and print that pattern!
There is also a really great cable of crochet:
Fair Isle
Fair Isle Look Alike Block in Crochet

I’ve won a great deal on EBay to my delight! I am buying only from super uber reputable people. I have some lots I bought and looking forward to getting these off to some of my new swap friends. I just happened upon several groupings and everyone is asking for notions and sock yarns. Mind you however 🙂 Its no guarantee whats going to be in my box.. hehehe

In the News –

Nicole Richie – gives birth to baby girl Harlow
Gary Hilton – totally f*cked and going to burn in hell.
Recession – finally being discussed by economist as a possibility
Polar Bear Baby in Germany – looking for a name and so completely ADORABLE – Have I mentioned How MUCH I love Polar Bears!!!
Shes being dubbed currently as Flocke which loosely translates to Flake .. as in snow…
Maverick Waves Hit – The alert went out yesterday – surfers have 24 hours to get out to compete in up to 40 foot waves. They are the fantasy waves not many can handle but every surfer dreams about.


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  1. I need to knit some stuff for my friends aswell, but I’m too lazy. I want to do something new and challenging!! The Polar Bear is simply lovable! Oh.. and wouldn’t catch me in those waves. That’s for sure! kisses*

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