Stop.. design time…

Self Discovery 101.
I have discovered a very strong need for most knitters. Many are so seriously in lack of needle organizers and protectors. There are some gorgeous designer studios out there that really have lovely items – items that when you save you can treat yourself to a needle tote for on the go and fashionable Knitting Kninja. Thing is I am finding – some of these bags start at 60$ USD and go any where up to 157$.

Again for your fashion forward wealthy sugarplums who can throw down 2-300$ for a place to stash your stash.. I applaud and envy you 🙂

I however am a budget conscious single mom and would much rather see that bundle of sum mun go into my … oh bills groceries or perhaps some lovely notions and yarn. Books.. ohhhh yes books.

I had fancied myself once as being a spinner. Then it was a knitwear designer (still working on that don’t give up on me) but here’s the thing.. I am a reasonably good seamstress. Especially when following a pattern. And boy have I found a pattern !

I know this year is going to be tough on so many people. Economically speaking we are headed for financial tough times.
SO .. in my wisdom I have built-out my brainiac imaginary design studio. I am going to start gathering needful things soon so keep posted bat fans.

The exciting part it stimulated my brain..which hasn’t happened alot lately 🙂


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  1. I’ve fallen in love with some needle organizers, but they are way too expensive for me… Instead, I’ve bought some fabrics and I’m going to make one this year (I hope…). I made the mistake this week of going to amazon… 😦 so many books I want… But I just can’t spend the money… life’s hard… Good luck with your imaginary design studio 😀 kisses*

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