Contest… oh yes !

DB sent over a bit of photo goodness this morning. I am a little crabby still. Have a ton to do today because the carpets are getting cleaned on Thrs.
Of course Mom is off playing bingo and pixie although requested several nights to help me has not done so.

The picture helped make me laugh. I needed to laugh.

I think I may host a contest … Hmmmm
Let me investigate this further today.
What do people give away during contests? Yarn notions stitch-markers right?

I have all that.
So what about an unexplainable give away. Explain the picture with 2 paragraphs or less – send it to me and I will post the stories with out name details for everyone to vote on???

I haven’t made any other crafts so yarn and notions would be a nice way to swing into the new year.

See my Contest Page for more details.

So once in a great while I enter a few little keywords into one of the keyword tools I have.
Being that this is what I do for work there are some little gadgets I play with on a regular basis.

Today was Granny Fanny Blue. Sounds like the title to a great jazz song right?

To my delight Sak’s 5th Ave came in on top with this delightful number:
THE SAK designer handbags blue crocheted designer purseYes I know how easy it is to spank out those squares and these totes are really popping up everywhere. This one is way to big for me but as a handbag… its completely doable.


2 Responses

  1. You are too funny way to go DB great picture

  2. LOL nice pic!

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