Cloverfield Spoiler

Snow Day Plumber

First a warning – 
I will say this – if you cant go see  IMAX movies because you get dizzy or have trouble at those rides in Disneyland that are simulated 3D half movie half motion coasters… Don’t go see Cloverfield with out some serious Motrin and a warm neck pack to put on your shoulders afterward.
It sucked. But sucked in a way that has everyone talking about it including me. I wont actually review the story or what happens at least for four more days so everyone has time to go out and see it.
I think there are things you need to see to understand and figure out. I think there are a few things people can or might enjoy. Possibly. Its debate-able.

Because it is a movie that is supposedly being filmed by the people involved and their camcorder at times you are bouncing all around, and I felt the vomit come up in the back of my throat several times. That being said.. there could have been alot more suspense created and can someone please tell me what the hell kinda camera these kids have because in the movie you go through about 6 – 12 hours of “supposed” filming. What camera lasts that long.

I will say as most are saying on the web its very Blair Witch .. but with out the scary freaky psychological stuff. BW scared the holy moses out me and back via my butthole. My friend Nils had sent me the pre-site that had the BW propaganda. The missing persons flyer’s – news articles even broadcasters discussing the story etc. Historical photos of the graveyard. It was this huge made up prop up so by the time I saw Blair I was terrified and then the mind games kicked in. I didn’t sleep for a week. Cloverfield while a great idea and again good story didn’t deliver that scare value. The camera work wasn’t intense like War of the Worlds where the positioning makes you feel the fear. 
DB asked me right afterward “Did you like it” I answered immediately no.
The monster was not really a monster and I left not understanding what it was or where it came from.

Supposedly there is a clue in and after the credits from what other film goers are saying. Stay for the credits watch what happens at the end.

We didnt we had to leave.

I edited the last part of this post for those of my friends who have already read it. You can appreciate the humor of what was here.. I was very frustrated at someone and needed to vent. I vented 🙂


3 Responses

  1. That’s why I won’t go see Cloverfield … I cannot stand all that motion on the camera … I can barelly stand not having control of the car, letting other people drive – which I don’t do often, I certainly can’t handle two hours of that much camera motion!!

  2. Hmmmm . . . my husband totally wanted to go see that movie, but when I heard that it’s barely 90 minutes long I’ve decided to wait to see the video.

  3. I haven’t heard of it.. But it looks quite and adventure! LOL

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