Pouters Routers and those lazy beyotches

Carpets – after many a call and not showing up between the 8-10 time frame. Not Done

Work – after trying many times to reset internet settings and actually get on line I lost mojo to sit down and work. Tomorrow will be a blast.

Lazies- did nothing to help after I blatantly told them to get up and do so. Tempted to turn off lights water and internet. TV appears to be broken anyway now (think i pulled out a cord when moving for carpet bast*rd) If they cant be distracted by these.. will they do anything? Of course not..

Michael has instructed I bring out the hammer and reincarnate Charity the Bitch.
I hate her and really dont want to go back to who she was or how she could act. Perhaps its time some people saw her. Seems only things that ever got done was when she was in full force and cracking heads.

On the needles – my only joy these days. I finished the body of my little squishee for my cocoa pal. I put together my box of goodies for Deb for the white Jan swap. I am still working on the blanket. I am not knitting any socks. I am knitting some more dishcloths. I am crocheting something that resembles a bag.

I am sewing some for my etsy store which has not been launched.. lol yea im retarded. make it first then display.. saves my brain some space.


2 Responses

  1. *Bitch* has negtive connotations but sometimes that’s the attitude that’s needed. Think of it as forceful and not letting people walk on you! Then use in moderation and you’ll be fine.

  2. *sigh* Lavendar my sweet.. yet again you are much smarter than I .. love…
    I just cant make myself be that word.. lol

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