Surprise me delight me and try and find me !

Im pulling an Amy Winehouse today. Hungover and not ready to admit to the fascinating details.
But let me say this.. I love me some of the Strawberry Mojitos.
I was introduced to this little treasure in Orlando at the Peabody one evening. The original Mint Mojito is not that indifferent from a mint julep. My heart enjoys mojito love. They have from what I have seen become the new martini. Only thing you really cant get drunk from them. Perhaps this is why other people like them too. I dont drink to get drunk. Never have even in my youthful 2o something days.
So where did this glorious hangover come from? I had four. Yes really.
They are so fresh and yummy you do want one after the other.

Tsk Tsk Tre Lusha.

So we had dinner out over by what used to be the marina. At this time there is no water in our lake as most of the lakes in Georgia. They are starting to pool a little more but its really low.  I had this amazing Bistro Burgundy steak. I am not sure why its called this or for what reason but man o man. Delicse!
I couldnt eat all of it and passed it into a little box for lunch.

It was nice to relax. This week has been pretty hectic for RM and I. We are in the process of organizing our process and days how we start end and detail all aspects. I think we have an awesome game plan. Hes great to plan with because he does think of the little details that I dont always do. Plus.. me being a newbie I make him think of things he already knows but may not think about because he knows it already. Which is important when it comes to our new users. I like it. I am ready to really make it shine.


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