Hot Cocoa Swap – Question of the week #4

What is your most memorable vacation? Where did you go? What made it memorable?

Well that’s easy!
Vegas 2004 …I was out there for work fell in love with him. We had to work as a team on a difficult decision and did it so well .. that night we became something more. It was a defining moment in my life that I will never forget no matter what happens. It meant more to me than anything I have experienced felt or been part of. In a candid moment I opened up and trusted someone for the first time with very sensitive and tender emotions. I expressed myself and was very honest about something. To my surprise he felt the same, appreciated my honesty and opened up as well. Which is hard – because hes just not the chatty emotional lets discuss type.
I cant tell you the juicy details GAWD !!!
Fast Forward. Vegas June – after several trips back – as we love to go.. He takes me for my birthday and treats me to one of the best concerts of my life.. Roger Waters – Dark Side of the Moon.
He had this whole trip concocted from the get go – his family joined us and we all really had a nice time. Then in the midst of it – he tells me – oh we are going to a show.. COOL !! NEAT !! What show?
“teee heee I cant tell you.. .”
Finally after hours and days of wondering.. we arrive at the MGM . Everywhere are Floyd shirts. I had REALLY wanted to go when they were in Atlanta but missed them. I was floored. I was so excited I cried.

All this started… 2004 with one choice.


2 Responses

  1. How sweet!!!! 😀

    Last guy that tried to impress me taking me to a concert, was to a Bloodhound Gang concert in Swansea (Wales). Very romantic with girls showing her tits and the band vomiting on stage! Oh well… I liked the concert, but I wasn’t impressed LOL Yeah, I’m not with him anymore…. Charming Prince!!! Where are you??? 😀 kiss*

  2. Very nice story. I am just finishing up your little pal. Then I will be sending your package out on Monday.

    Also I sent you a gift they will probably get there before your package so enjoy. Then you will know who I am.

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