Neat Scarf

How awesome is this ! For all those HP fans and those looking for free patterns and fun stitches. I found this while looking for pictures for the HSKS Quidditch Match.
Its an illusion scarf which means when looking at it one way it appears to be slight in pattern when laid the other – the pattern is clearly visible.

Its detailed at Lindsay’s Site
Which I read on a pretty regular basis but missed this from last year. I first found her on Craftster when she was posting about her BrainSlug (Futurama Fans WOOT!)
My first activities in the morning usually involve trying to breeze through blogs. I have so many I love its difficult.
I signed up for knitting daily and found some other great sites to get newsletters from and sign up for free patterns. I really have to post a list sometime soon because I forget where I like to go 🙂


3 Responses

  1. I love this scarf. My 11Year old son would love it. maybe I could get him to wear one.

  2. how cool is that!! I wonder if I could knit one in time for the next movie opening….

  3. […] bookmarks tagged neat Neat Scarf saved by 3 others     Tricia1010 bookmarked on 02/06/08 | […]

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