Ok ok We get it your moving…

Sometime back I wrote about  my desire to work on some handmade items – perhaps open a store site or such.

I also wanted to promote my blog  more for communication and tips resources and additions from friends in the crafty zone. Well the last past year i have been paying for a domain and hosting service for other projects I dont use. I have been posting to this blog since about htat time as well. Well the light went off.. why not start a foundation for a future web based biz since your PAYING for it anyway.. yea sometimes it takes hte brilliance a little longer to dawn on me.

That being said = I am going to keep this post up through the end of March when all my swaps end and then update any new swaps sites etc with my new link.

Thing is – I thought happyhooking was a funny play on words and also related to my love of the book. Its why this blog was originally founded. However I have also recently discovered several friends and loved ones cant access questionable links with vocab like that at work or whatever.

Yea yea why would people surf the net at work.. well some people actually do that and work and dont get online at home…so we have to be user friendly right 🙂

Please follow the links until you get used to going to hte new site 🙂


Where did she go?

Knotty Purl

Moving My blog

Knotty Purl


Knotty Purl



Well by golly you should be darnit! Today in the newsletter there is a great post on knitting tools in your closet. I find tons of daily help topics interesting comments and the best part.. I see the projects from Interweave Knits on REAL people. People with all sorts of figure and bewbies. I have issues doing cardis tops and sweaters. My bewbs are HUGE. KD – problem solved!

As I mentioned in my previous book review (that apparentl I left in draft stage and never committed to blog much like this post) I have discovered some really great basic starter knitting knowledge and education materials.

I also discovered my library is a sad sad place and has such little to offer. There are no books for gothlet and none to be found for my craft needs. I asked the librarian if they accept donations. She said actually yes they do.  I am going to see if some local merchants would be willing to participate in a local book drive. All sorts of books really. Not just for my greedy craft needs 🙂 I was just really surprised to see such a large space void of books. Granted there are plenty of comfy chairs to sit in and lots of space to read research and move about – but thats it!
The back wall of shelved has from left to right X amount of shelves and thats the main bookline and media display. I would say no more than 15 ( I didnt actually count) and you figure front and back shelves – about 5 shelves in unit and only about 4 units per row. Yea… That could be my basement of books…  In the knitting section there were on shelf maybe 10 books. In the search on site – there were only about 22 results yeilded most checked out and some even fiction not craft how to’s.
This library needs help!

Fulton county which is just down the road in Alpharetta – words or phrase “knitting” search found 467 titles.
uh… 467 compared to my 20.. wow. SAD !!!

I did learn the dewi decimal for knitting – usually falls in 746.432 most every knitting crochet and threadwork book  can be found starting in 746 : )

WEBs –
Who knew it existed. I buy ALOT of yarn on KnitPicks. I mean ALOT. WEBS has stuff I have never seen and you know its not expensive! Yea I would travel downtown to KNITCH – Yea I would visit the Roswell LYS but I sometimes have found yarn on the web – that is significantly cheaper even with shipping. I just ordered a ton from KnitPicks case in point – 1.99 a skein free shipping. Thats a deal to me and when your broke as a joke getting those kinds of deals is a big deal. Jitterbug.. 21$ LYS = found on webs 11$ See my point?
Loopy Ewe – Knit Picks and now Webs have a very strong appreciation from me. Its impossible  sometimes to get great yarn at good prices at some local lovelies.
The Yarn and Fiber Company –
Still even better – has NORO and Rowan for under 10$ Not to mention Marisol Products. Plus it doesnt take forever to deliver!
Do you know about the Mirasol Project? It took me this long to find somebody that would sell the yarn!!!

Book Review – Sweater Workshop

Sweater Workshop – Jacqueline Fee – Second Edition
Available now also in spiral bound for flat open desk top reference !

Love IT !

So what started out as a trip the library (which is a sad sad sad non crafting place) did result in one or two ok a few treasure finds.
One was this book that I believe I am going to have to buy and add to the personal home library. It starts out with the introduction and basic delivery of “Where did my knitting experience begin” as all good bios do for us. The difference – her defining moment came meeting Elizabeth Zimmerman and discovering there was someone else who shared similar view points on sweater creation and purling. Not only that but basic construction values and principles.

I have read Knitting without Tears and of course love it and am in the process of putting practice to application. This is why my knitting has failed so miserably. I really jump in and don’t READ ! lol. That’s changed now. Reading I am – with focus on gauge and of course practicality.

Moving on to Sweaters – This book combined with EZ’s is offering a host of practicum and making everything click. I think before all the stitch-n-bitch and glory that be to beautiful books such as that and the countless others on the market.. every NEW knitter needs to have these two books in their personal library. That being said they are such a quick easy read and just as quick to begin and apply use that it makes it impossible to not be interested in moving on to all the hip trendy wonderful resources out there.

This books has one other stand out feature.
The Sampler.sampler0002.jpg go ahead.. click it to see bigger!
This little ditty of design genius is the brain child of this book and really defines all the basic technique needed to create your own sweater. For that matter ANY knitted wearable. Well.. coat jacket shirt type wearable. Not sure how skirts etc would measure up to principles since this is a seamless sweater instruction course 🙂
Point being – the sampler really is the base on which you build.

Projected March Project – Shamrocks

I was searching sites for St-Patty’s Knitting and lawd only knows what other keywords. I wasn’t really planning on personally doing any projects but I do have a swap for March and of course our theme is green.
Well so this skully is very cute and any shamrocks of course make me happy.. this simply will not do for a full March Project and even if it would.. too bland. Has to be like a tam.. you know? Full FairIsle like pattern and light enough that its not a heavy winter wooley warmer. March in most areas,  is the last of the cool weather but still chilly to warrant comfort on cool mornings.

Well who would have thought a shamrock clover little shrub O green would be so difficult to resource and draw a basic pattern together for. from. You get what I mean.

The Google – yielding some dastardly pictures:
Shamrock Super Hero.. Lovely.

So I have laid out the charts again and I devoted to designing a shamrock. Now hush. Poinsettia was designed and created into a scarf which is still in the works.. having to stitch for other swap friends right now not myself. But a pattern is easy to get going and work through over the next two weeks so I can post it for everyone to use!

I am off to the library to see if they have any useful details (doubt it in this one horse town) on some pattern suggestions.