Secret Cocoa Pal Surprises!

Oh be still my HEART !!!
Yes ok so now I officially know who you are my dear secret friend – but we will keep that hush hush for now.. (ahmmm cough cough SARAH!)
How unbelievably sweet of you!

Today my postal carrier left a box and me being the huge dork that I am of course tore into it. It had no defining labels to let me know which company it came from. This led no clues to what was inside. I thought perhaps it was some little something gadget or treasure I had ordered. Being the internet craft Junkie that I am – perhaps something that I ordered for my own pal?

The tape removed the box ripped open.. oh dear


I can officially sock it up!

These are BEAUTIFUL !!!

 How completely thoughtful of you!

I have been blessed by partners in the swaps I joined since Oct (when I first started swapping) and met so many nice people. This pal has commented on my every entry I make and adds some funny comments and sweet ones as well. Shes been really super sweet and that is a highlight to anyones day. Mine – because its just nice to know there are internet friends in the world thinking of you.

You deserve a big wet mooochie kiss my pal !


3 Responses

  1. I am so glad you like them. I am sending the rest of your goodies out tomorrow. So you will get them soon.

    Have an awesome weekend.


  2. I’m so happy you’re enjoying this swap!

    I’ve ordered some Harmony needles, just waiting for them to come in…are they as wonderful as they seem?

  3. Lesley – Tried to leave a message on your blog – will see if it goes through. I busted the needles officially out into a Tam pattern today. OMG.
    Smooth light weight and very nice in hand. They dont slip like metal but carry yarn so effortlessly.

    These are officially great needles!

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