Ok ok We get it your moving…

Sometime back I wrote about  my desire to work on some handmade items – perhaps open a store site or such.

I also wanted to promote my blog  more for communication and tips resources and additions from friends in the crafty zone. Well the last past year i have been paying for a domain and hosting service for other projects I dont use. I have been posting to this blog since about htat time as well. Well the light went off.. why not start a foundation for a future web based biz since your PAYING for it anyway.. yea sometimes it takes hte brilliance a little longer to dawn on me.

That being said = I am going to keep this post up through the end of March when all my swaps end and then update any new swaps sites etc with my new link.

Thing is – I thought happyhooking was a funny play on words and also related to my love of the book. Its why this blog was originally founded. However I have also recently discovered several friends and loved ones cant access questionable links with vocab like that at work or whatever.

Yea yea why would people surf the net at work.. well some people actually do that and work and dont get online at home…so we have to be user friendly right 🙂

Please follow the links until you get used to going to hte new site 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Just wanted to say hi, am marvelling at how small world is.I’ve just come back from a 2 yr stay in Marietta which must be near you as you mention Alpharetta and Roswell.
    I only discovered blogs whilst I was there and they were a life saver, wish I’d found yours then!
    Back in England now and just started own blog, best wishes,


  2. Hey there. You were one of the winners of my little contest. Please comment and let me know what you want!

  3. Charity….I am getting worried. No one has heard from you and Penny said she has not received her swap package?????? Please email me whats going on…thanks Debb

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