Its really sad that when I am asked about myself I get stumped to the point of verbal constipation.
My life has really been super interesting and someday when offered a book deal for the sad and humorous life of one wandering gypsy, I will sign and have someone much more able than me to put that life into words.
The messes I have landed in certianly for sure would amass several Oscars.

I am creative – I swear. I wanted to be an architectual designer in my youth – actually got a scholarship and had that dashed to bits but people I trusted. Yes sad I know. Hours in Therapy on that one alone. I took other paths – that were at the time intelligent choices – again so said by supposed loved ones. In the end .. all those paths lead me here. To this place to this time to where and who and what I am.

Being creative – arts – crafts and the like have been my therapy and saving grace to sanity. They keep me calm focused and allow my OCD to dwadle on the coffee pot front door locks and not affect my soul. I am in the process of learning and really striving to get to a place where I can call myself a designer. If for nothing else than a fun pair of gloves or some funky flirty little ditty to be published in some fun magazine.. thats all I want 🙂
I am breaking me down into a fun little list:

1 My real name on paper looks just like a porn star’s
2 I am a mother but far from being that and only *that*
3 Some people like their children like hood ornaments – I like mine because I aspire to one day be like her
4 I love animals of all kinds but fear bears the most
5 Flirting is a form of conversation to me
6 Flattery is sincere
7 I have been able to understand others better because I have lived everywhere
8 My favorite color right now is Robins Egg Blue.
9 I want to paint my walls this and Flaming Orange
10 Art makes me happy – because it also makes me feel every emotion under the sun. Art is important.
11 Music is Impotant (above)
12 When I smile my nose crinkles
13 When I giggle I snort
14 I am very ticklish
15 I was an extra in the movie Young Guns and look like an idiot now in hindsight.
16 I have been bitten by a rattlesnake
17 The last name I have now is not the one I was born with
18 I enjoy anything thats vintage
19 Thrift stores woo me like lovers and I will find the most amazing things in them.
20 I have a book addiction and this is what usually finds me in thrift stores to start with.
21 The library doesnt like me anymore as I have a tendency to start putting books back on the shelf and organizing when on a tyriad looking for something.
22 I started this blog in April after a very hard year and the discovery of a lump in my breast- a broken ankle and a broken spirit.
23 This blog is my therapy friend and outreach to other people who enjoy living life and loving others.
24 I am not married I love men – please feel free to love back : )
25 Halloween is my absolutely all time favorite holiday – time of the year and excuse to fill my house full of candy several times over
26 I know how to play the cello – and I love to play the Celtic Harp
27 I want to learn how to play the bagpipes

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