Cast Iron Kate


Not just a great Pirate name! I have been having that Ole Ebay love once again and found this little treasure. It was advertised low and was bid up by another bidder but still came in under 30$ minus shipping. So this is an antique threader prob off some old factory table or sewing production line. I don’t have anything to date it on as some antiques are simply hard to place as they were part of other apparatuses.
Here is my thinking – with the two bobbin holders – its the perfect Lazy Kate.

One of the Bobbins is from ROBISON RAYON CO INC. NEW YORK CITY” 
The were a leading vendor of textiles and embroidery threads etc before merging in 1959 with Anton as the article states. This puts this bobbin in use from the early 1900s to 1959. Not bad eh ?!!!! The other is also from the same company but the location is PAWT RI which on investigation was discovered to be Pawtucket RI.  In 1969 the Robinson Rayon Co located there was enacted into the local trade union.
Box 10 indicates they were active between 1969 – 1972. I am not sure if they were under merger with Anton. Other documents seem to indicate they were part of Atlantic Yarns. Pawtucket is known for creating some of the first Rayon mills and spinning factories on the US eastern coast. (12/20/1790 1st successful US cotton mill to spin yarn (Pawtucket RI) )

So my little bobbins that just caught my eye as a great lazy kate seem to be steeped with history in the textile and embroidery world.