Surprise me delight me and try and find me !

Im pulling an Amy Winehouse today. Hungover and not ready to admit to the fascinating details.
But let me say this.. I love me some of the Strawberry Mojitos.
I was introduced to this little treasure in Orlando at the Peabody one evening. The original Mint Mojito is not that indifferent from a mint julep. My heart enjoys mojito love. They have from what I have seen become the new martini. Only thing you really cant get drunk from them. Perhaps this is why other people like them too. I dont drink to get drunk. Never have even in my youthful 2o something days.
So where did this glorious hangover come from? I had four. Yes really.
They are so fresh and yummy you do want one after the other.

Tsk Tsk Tre Lusha.

So we had dinner out over by what used to be the marina. At this time there is no water in our lake as most of the lakes in Georgia. They are starting to pool a little more but its really low.  I had this amazing Bistro Burgundy steak. I am not sure why its called this or for what reason but man o man. Delicse!
I couldnt eat all of it and passed it into a little box for lunch.

It was nice to relax. This week has been pretty hectic for RM and I. We are in the process of organizing our process and days how we start end and detail all aspects. I think we have an awesome game plan. Hes great to plan with because he does think of the little details that I dont always do. Plus.. me being a newbie I make him think of things he already knows but may not think about because he knows it already. Which is important when it comes to our new users. I like it. I am ready to really make it shine.


Cloverfield Spoiler

Snow Day Plumber

First a warning – 
I will say this – if you cant go see  IMAX movies because you get dizzy or have trouble at those rides in Disneyland that are simulated 3D half movie half motion coasters… Don’t go see Cloverfield with out some serious Motrin and a warm neck pack to put on your shoulders afterward.
It sucked. But sucked in a way that has everyone talking about it including me. I wont actually review the story or what happens at least for four more days so everyone has time to go out and see it.
I think there are things you need to see to understand and figure out. I think there are a few things people can or might enjoy. Possibly. Its debate-able.

Because it is a movie that is supposedly being filmed by the people involved and their camcorder at times you are bouncing all around, and I felt the vomit come up in the back of my throat several times. That being said.. there could have been alot more suspense created and can someone please tell me what the hell kinda camera these kids have because in the movie you go through about 6 – 12 hours of “supposed” filming. What camera lasts that long.

I will say as most are saying on the web its very Blair Witch .. but with out the scary freaky psychological stuff. BW scared the holy moses out me and back via my butthole. My friend Nils had sent me the pre-site that had the BW propaganda. The missing persons flyer’s – news articles even broadcasters discussing the story etc. Historical photos of the graveyard. It was this huge made up prop up so by the time I saw Blair I was terrified and then the mind games kicked in. I didn’t sleep for a week. Cloverfield while a great idea and again good story didn’t deliver that scare value. The camera work wasn’t intense like War of the Worlds where the positioning makes you feel the fear. 
DB asked me right afterward “Did you like it” I answered immediately no.
The monster was not really a monster and I left not understanding what it was or where it came from.

Supposedly there is a clue in and after the credits from what other film goers are saying. Stay for the credits watch what happens at the end.

We didnt we had to leave.

I edited the last part of this post for those of my friends who have already read it. You can appreciate the humor of what was here.. I was very frustrated at someone and needed to vent. I vented 🙂


latte art, latte, cup face, evil latte,This was really honestly my brain today (with the missing of the actually yummy goodness of latte and bean de’ java.)

It was the day from hell and my brain suffered.

I know that I worked in fact I worked very hard because I had some new things to learn. Ok fine no problem. I am a quick learn, but lately my brain wants to disagree.

To I have too much on my plate with trying to take of all these people in my home?

I have expressed to the other human living in MY room I need her to get together and start looking for a new residence. Of course I have said this for 18 months  now and we see how well thats gone.

Sugar Cookie Reflections

Christmas Willie

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Ok so Willie entertained the house this holiday season. I had no spirit so he jumped right in and took over. It was a good thing. The more I laughed the more I felt like cookies cocoa kisses hugs and piles of wrapping paper. Hes such a great sport and a real ham when it comes to getting attention.
I frogged the whole scarf and started on the new one. Going much better. I cant wait for my books to get here. I keep checking my order but am seeing everything is back ordered. I am going to write today to sort it out because these were ordered long before the holidays with a status of in stock.

So I got work done on the presentation I was supposed to give today. They bailed – never showed up. Heard from the account manager this isnt uncommon as they have been flippant in contractuals as well. Oh well.. I did my duty and razzled the woowoos. It was fun. Had to be super creative because their data is arranged a little differently than most of the ones I have been training on.

My *bossman* C has mentioned that 2008 will be bringing some exciting changes to our team and those of us in place are slated to be leaders in our vertical team. I am excited nervous and moon eyed about this. I finally feel sorted and in the right place.

DB and I need a getaway.

Holiday Hugs and wishes

Merry Christmas!

this gave me a chuckle.. B.O.B from Ravelry:

Goodbye Beautiful Bella

Beautiful Bella

I was looking for pix of my sweet friend to post a memorial of his beauty. I could only find one as all the others I have taken over the years are on my laptop and currently unreachable.

We took Bella to the vet last night. I sat mom down and had a long talk earlier in the day. He was no longer eating or drinking and while he was perky and alert (although not moving much) you could see he was shutting down. They gently placed a sedative in him but sadly could not get the final shot in. He became very ill with the sedative then calmed down and went out. I tried to get his little eyes to close but couldn’t. We had to walk out because Dr Jason was going to have to do a cardiac stick and I didn’t want mom or Pix to see that. I did cry a bit, but was so in the moment and so concerned about him it kinda escaped me until late last night. When I thought about this beautiful thing that was one of the most incredibly beautiful things I have ever known.. no longer being in this world.. yes my heart did break. Bella was like black velvet and moonbeams. I don’t think even in all the cats I have loved with the exception of Gizzie there has been something so stunning and pretty. Bella was really truly a pretty cat.  

I have to say somethings about Bella, because even though you the world of Blog Readers do not know me or do not know this amazing cat – he was that.. amazing. He also knew my life story unlike any other.

Bella was the first cat I had when moving out on my own. He was born on Halloween Night and I watched. He was an amniotic twin which in cat world is rare. There were two kitties in one sac. His brother Tao was long haired and just as beautiful. They were to be my roomies and my buddy kitties. That didn’t work out so well when she bailed. Tao went to live a long life with a friend and Bella came home with me.
Bella has been all over the world with me living in one room flats to barely bigger than closet dorms. He has flown to Germany France and Italy.
Bella is named after a star and a General.

His eyes were the color of lipid jade or pools of moonbeams.
At night when he would lay on me I would dream of things to come. Bella loved to lay upside on my lap while I rubbed his belly – his arms stretched out bat style side to side and drool. I always said he had a different take on the world than we did. His upside down antics proved it.
When you loved Bella he drooled on you. It was very romantic. LOL

He loved to sun himself at all times and if the weather dark or grey he would sit inside a lampshade close to the bulb until his ear got so hot they smoked. One time he actually caught himself on fire.

After getting into a sewing basket and swallowing a needle – he laid motionless until we could find him.  We had no clue what happened until we saw the string out the side of his mouth. Rushed off to xray there was the culprit laying there half in half out. He never panicked but remained calm and let us sort it out.

Bella loved to sleep in bags and we always had to check and make sure he had not climbed in one going out to the trash. He was always so light you could never tell if he was in there or not. He actually got thrown out one Xmas morning and shrieked and shrieked for about 10 minutes until we located him in the trash.

Bella got his butt kicked hard once by Simon when they first became house mates. Kicked isn’t the word… Simon tore open his rectum and again Bellz just laid there quietly on the inside falling out… until my mom found him on the towels in the hamper (he never made a mess!) and rushed yet again off the vet.

He was there through a marriage to which he was sent away by my then psychotically challenged spouse. Bella never liked him.. should have listened. This is when Bella went to live with my mom. She had just lost one of our Bulldogs Mugsy and was really saddened. Bella was the beautiful soul who comforted her.

That is where my story with Bella ended and hers began. Yet as a true family member and friend he was always there. When I came home and separated from the wife beater – He was there at night to calm me. When I began to live again he was there to cuddle up in my peace and purr through the happy days. When my daughter was born he was there to carefully sniff her lick her lips and curl inside her baby blankets content to be pooped on puked on and grabbed poked and pulled.
He loved Kel .
Hes moved all over the world and always been a pleasure.

I hope my mom has peace in this because today I think it is she who is suffering as Bella is finally at rest.

Martin Clan Aran Pattern

Martin Clan Aran Pattern

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I fell in love with this sweater this morning. I was looking online for resources to designing your own knitting patterns. I have yet to find any great books for that, but I did find my clan Aran pattern.

In Ireland very few people were ever really identified by a particular pattern – this is true. It is absolutely more of a lure and publicity tool.  However certain families were known for their gifts in knitting and for their ability and education to the craft. My family while all homedo-ers were not so into knitting as herbs and home remedies. However going back through family history there were the other side of the aunts (daughters of my grandfather prior to his marriage to my grandmother) that were excelled in their Irish Knitting patterns.

Many of their favorite cables are represented here which is what drew me in. Does this website know that – I doubt it. But they do offer the accurate family arms and some fun history. Plus the ability to have an authentic Aran pattern – which is awesome. The stitches as they say, do mean something from dreams wishes to stories of my ancestors.

Few clans were associated with the Aran Isles, but patterns made their way all through out Ireland due to the gifted women creating these beautiful sweaters.