Romney Blames Porn

Totally Craftster unrelated.. Had to comment on it.

By now or by the time you read my blog, you will have heard Romney announced at about 1230-1p today his intention to at this time Suspend his campaign. He didn’t back out which would mean his super delegates would opt in to highest runner (ie McCain) instead he is suspending. Meaning he will hold these delegates (two) for the time being. In this announcement he mildly endorsed McCain with the statement “Consider me your Conservative Alternate to McCain”


There is to be a great deal of political conversation and debate on this one.

So .. the title of my post.

The beginning of this announcement was spattered with his vast education and worldliness and belief that the US is suffering in the global eyes of other world powers because of our lack of culture. Yea ok.. I can see and validate that point on some terms. There was a spattering of how we are turning into France. Booo was all you heard from the audience. I’m not French Friendly. Ask me about that some other time..
What I did agree with and this was something the French President said to Rom – is that in every world conflict.. we coming into the battle assisting to resolve tyranny never take land claim or over power claim that country as our own. Often we provide extreme financial assistance to allow rebuilding and growth.

(ew just ate a wet chip)

So all this had me fascinated. I have been trying to spend equal time among the candidates trying to decide this year. Its hard.
I never really liked Romney though. For just the fact his first name nickname whatever annoyed me. Unfair. Yes . So I have been giving the guy a little screen time to balance out my bias.
Yea.. SO today…

 Romney blames dead beat dads on porn.


I am a polite young lady, I am a southern belle, I am a single mother. DUDE GO FUKK YOURSELF TONIGHT.

Tell.. me what do you think about when you stroke? Surely it isn’t your wife sleeping next to you, because every adult sensual/sexual study will show even the men we love and adore the most who are wonderful amazing fathers lovers friends and husbands have some little titillating fantasy about someone that is  not their wife (gasp)

You know I am ok with this. I am ok with porn. In fact here’s a naughty schooppp I love it. Well SOME of it. Not all .. some is kinda *stoopid* bland or just plain retarded. That is enough of that – will not elaborate on my personal fetishes or preferences. Thing is I am open minded and respect the fact in a safe sane consensual environment ADULTS have the right to view ADULT materials in their pursuit of pleasure and leisure.

Freaks and sickos who prey on children.. warrant my destructive tendencies and will meet a very heated viper when soliciting attention from me. That being said – people who do prey on children are facing a sickness and taking away porn will not solve this for them as most don’t watch adults doing it. Think about it.. young boys don’t appear in Wicked Video… Club Jenna or SouthBend Productions.

Romney… shame on you for going here.

You had my attention until you pulled the porn ticket.

Only one girls opinion. Two cents … that’s all.



This is my mood today. We are under severe weather watch. Apparently everywhere else in the world they had serious storms last night. Some states even had people stranded and harmed at polls (sucks!) and this little gem of a system is moving this way.
I get very annoyed when systems such as this move towards me. The clouds seem to dictate my mood.

Ok well that and frustration from a particular situation that has me stumped and cranky.

Yea no its the storm.

Surprise me delight me and try and find me !

Im pulling an Amy Winehouse today. Hungover and not ready to admit to the fascinating details.
But let me say this.. I love me some of the Strawberry Mojitos.
I was introduced to this little treasure in Orlando at the Peabody one evening. The original Mint Mojito is not that indifferent from a mint julep. My heart enjoys mojito love. They have from what I have seen become the new martini. Only thing you really cant get drunk from them. Perhaps this is why other people like them too. I dont drink to get drunk. Never have even in my youthful 2o something days.
So where did this glorious hangover come from? I had four. Yes really.
They are so fresh and yummy you do want one after the other.

Tsk Tsk Tre Lusha.

So we had dinner out over by what used to be the marina. At this time there is no water in our lake as most of the lakes in Georgia. They are starting to pool a little more but its really low.  I had this amazing Bistro Burgundy steak. I am not sure why its called this or for what reason but man o man. Delicse!
I couldnt eat all of it and passed it into a little box for lunch.

It was nice to relax. This week has been pretty hectic for RM and I. We are in the process of organizing our process and days how we start end and detail all aspects. I think we have an awesome game plan. Hes great to plan with because he does think of the little details that I dont always do. Plus.. me being a newbie I make him think of things he already knows but may not think about because he knows it already. Which is important when it comes to our new users. I like it. I am ready to really make it shine.


I am just ill. Its none of my business but work wouldnt happen today. I sincerely think this is really sad. I love me some of the Celebrity O Rag.. but when individuals who are so charasmatic and have a great body of work pass (no matter the situation) its just a dam shame. This sexy little nugget is no exception. What a complete waste of raw fascination sexy da le sexy and potential.
Thats all that is to be said.

 So Sad…

2007 = hot f*kkin mess

Most of the Stash
Originally uploaded by CravnCrochet

Yes really. That’s how I feel about it. LOL.
I worked up this whole reflection post – which was spurred by the fact that I saw the Orlando Citrus Parade on TV this morning. Yea that really caused my pissy-ness to kick in.

I have no uber exciting or titillating tales.
2007 has been the year of boredom. Its really surprising that in the process of loosing brain cells from ABSOLUTELY NO STIMULATION… they didn’t sink straight into my butt and expand it to create a WIDELOAD.
Yea.. 2008 is on my horizons as being much more interesting.
I am going to work more at this new job thing. I am very excited to be part of a great group and be working in this latest project. Be excited with me.. this project is mine and RMs to create and grow. We could possibly really shine in this position.
I have not been given a chance to do such in many a year. I am really thrilled.
2007 Life Lesson Learned = Those who welcome your changes and achievements with enthusiasm pride happiness… maybe a bottle of wine ? love you. Those who barely notice are preoccupied with themselves or other things that place you on the bottom of the priority totem pole.
Lesson learned – thanks 2007

I really want to take some trips soon and go visit friends I have not seen in awhile.  I am feeling very jealous that Berb is stuck under an avalanche and skiing his days away in Vale.
I need to explore more of my world and prevent my brain from completing collapsing. I need to help my mother start her own life and move out. I really need to try that whole sock knitting thing again.

I need to use up all this dam yarn !

Alter Ego Friday

I’ve decided every friday should be alter ego friday. I personally have choosen three. Does this make me a schitz.. nah…
Every girl in America during my youth wanted to be an Angel. Fast Forward to modern day – we fell in love with three new ones but there is a whole generation lost on what it really meant to be an angel.
I really need to find the complete disc set and relive my youth.

But for alter ego friday – Ive selected a new clip – not only because its got booty shakin (which happens frequently in my living room)
Its got MC Hammer – which come on.. you cant deny you didnt wear those parachute pants and loved them!

PS – There is still a few days left to sign up for the cocoa swap.

Holiday Hugs and wishes

Merry Christmas!

this gave me a chuckle.. B.O.B from Ravelry: